Weekly Roundup: Amazon Sales Tax, Hurricane Isaac and Tax Penalties

This week Amazon started collecting sales tax in California—get a sample of the tweet-storm that ensued. Plus, Louisiana offers tax extensions for victims of Hurricane Isaac; Oklahoma gets tough on tax violations; and Colorado makes a ruling on sales tax and software (10 points if you can guess the verdict). 

Sales Tax This Week 9/16-9/21

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Amazon Collecting Sales Tax in California

TaxRates.comThis Saturday, Amazon.com began collecting and remitting sales tax for purchases made by residents of California. The online sales tax wi…
My #Amazon order, placed before Sept 15, but shipped Sept 20, to California, had CA state sales tax added (but no County or local sales tax)YT
I understand/respect why @amazon has to charge sales tax. Just wish they’d figure out how tax-exempt works. #cluelessMichael Graef
And since @Amazon now charges sales tax I’ll be more inclined to shop at B&M stores. I need the sun anyway.Michael Taylor
CreateSpace (div of Amazon) now charging me sales tax on my purchases delivered to CA. Good guys!Steve Geller
A little bummed that amazon is now charging sales tax… Stupid California…nikki beltran
@Zepp1978 I have zero problem at all paying sales tax on Amazon. We have no income tax in TX.Chivey Boo

Tax Extensions for Hurricane Isaac Victims

TaxRates.comThe Louisiana Department of Revenue is granting filing and payment extensions to residents in more than two dozen parishes affected by Hu…

Oklahoma Penalties for Sales Tax Violations

TaxRates.comSales and Use Tax Violators in Oklahoma beware: filing late, failure to file, and fraudulent filing carries stiff penalties. On August 31…

Colorado Sales Tax and Software Ruling

TaxRates.comA recent ruling in Colorado impacts the use tax of software and online databases. The Colorado Court of Appeals reversed a judgment and r…
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