Weekly Roundup: Sales Tax Nitty Gritty

The new year fast approaches, and while this is a time of fresh opportunities it is also a time of reckoning. Will you be able to implement the plans you made for the new year? How will your careful 2012 planning translate to 2013 success, especially when it comes to managing sales tax compliance?

The same gap between theory and practice operates in the world of sales tax law. You know data centers may be taxable in New York, but how exactly?┬áThe Affordable Health Care Act contains a new medical device tax–how will this apply to businesses selling these devices? Wyoming taxes professional services, are any of them exempt?

When it comes to the nitty gritty of sales tax–how it actually works for businesses–we’ve got you covered. Get the scoop on how new sales tax laws will work in the real world below. And if you’re ready to leave behind the hassle of keeping up on sales tax law altogether, talk to us about automating with AvaTax.

Weekly Roundup: 12/24/12-12/28/12

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The New Medical Device Excise Tax
The New Medical Device Excise Tax (MDET) And Avalara for Sage 100 ERP |Passed as part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the Medical Device Excise Tax (MDET) includes significant tax reporting changes for manuf…
California Revokes Business Licenses for Tax Delinquency  
TaxRates.comIf you fail to pay your state taxes in California, you may find yourself out of business. Under Assembly Bill 1424, the state has the pow…
New York: Data Centers and Sales Tax
TaxRates.comThe New York Department of Taxation has issued an Advisory Opinion regarding the taxability of an Internet data center. Advisory Opinions…
How Wyoming Taxes Professional Services
TaxRates.comThe Wyoming Department of Revenue has issued a news bulletin regarding the taxability of professional services. Services are subject to s…
New Cigar Tax in Alabama
TaxRates.comAlabama HB 277, which relates to the taxation of tobacco products, has been signed into law as Chapter 425. According to the new law, a t…

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