Ask a Former Auditor Your Questions [Webinar]

Everything You Wanted to Know but Were too Afraid to Ask

For nearly 30 years, Lloyd Geggatt worked as a state auditor, witnessing everything from creative accounting, to dumpster document storage, to beds in offices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn what to do when you receive that notice.  He’ll answer your questions, tell you about real life audits, and leave you with tips to navigate today’s audit issues.

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Got a question for Lloyd? Leave it in the comments of this blog (it will then be visible on the blog, unless you request otherwise). You can see the most recent questions below. Vote for your favorites by clicking on the thumbs up, and Lloyd will pick some of the most popular and address them specifically in the webinar. Webinar date: 2/21/13, 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET.

10 Responses to “Ask a Former Auditor Your Questions [Webinar]”

  1. Dan Ritter

    As a former audit manager from another state for over 31 years I wonder how you have the background to discuss how other state revenue agencies operate? Currently I work part-time as a consultant and dealt with numerous states. I found they all seem to operate differently plus auditors’s personalities can impact their work as well.

  2. mark smith

    With the changing definition of nexus (ie Washington) is it better for a company to file back tax returns (and for how long), just start filing new returns, do nothing or try to negotiate a settlement? The taxes could be several hundred thousands of dollars.

  3. Gayle

    We were just audited. Over and over again, the auditor would say, “how do I know this receipt is for business purposes”? How can a company protect itself against audits so the receipts are in line with what the IRS requires?

  4. Gayle

    Can an IRS auditor disallow trips/travel to other states for the purpose of pursuing a new business? (For example, to meet with individuals as possible investors in the business, or for land purchases in the business.) Can an IRS auditor disallow travel for business meetings?

  5. Will Frei

    Thank you everyone for submitting fantastic questions! We’re looking forward to seeing what else people have to ask Lloyd.

    A note on how the questions appear: Your full question may not appear in the “recent questions” or “popular questions” if it is over a certain character count. However, we are capturing all of the questions as they were originally entered, so that Lloyd can get the full context.

  6. Joel Lerner

    Hi Lloyd,
    1) Do auditors follow the guidelines during an audit what and what not they’re allowed to do. And how can an auditee make sure he is being abused in that manner?

    2) As an auditor, did anyone ever got hefty fines or worse, jailed, as a result of an audit. And how do an auditor feel about it?


    • Kent McLellan

      Yes, I knew a former state auditor that went to jail
      as a result of a sales tax audit of his business.
      It is extremely rare but a fraud audit can result in a criminal prosecution.

  7. Denise

    I would like to know the answer to this question.

  8. Jim Edwards

    When a client does not not have a TPT number but qualifies for exempt status, ie. health care, physician, non-profit what is the necessary documentation needed for our business records to not charge tax on sales.

  9. Tatiana Shafranov

    We have customers for whom we ship to a registered freight forwarder in Florida on a regular basis. In order not to charge Florida sales tax on the shipments, we request a bill of lading or other export proving documentation from customers. This is a very time consuming process and frustrating for both parties some time. I’m wondering, if we can get export documentation for one invoice and set the customer up as sales tax exempt for one year from the date of the invoice for which we received appropriate documentation. Would this practice be considered acceptable by the DOR?

    Thank you!

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