Sales Tax News

Weekly Roundup: Tax Amnesty, Soda, and Zip Codes

Sales tax touches on a wide swath of topics this week, including hunting, guns, marijuana and soda. Exemptions are clarified, tax-free periods are announced, and we learn how to tax hunting services in South Dakota. Relying on zip codes to … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Sales Tax Nuts and Bolts

It’s a nuts-and-bolts week in sales tax news. There are changes to reporting requirements, due dates, and sales tax forms in numerous states. There’s news about compliance team visits and tax relief in California, and prepaid fuel tax rates in … Continued

The Politics and Risks of Fuel Tax

How you react to fuel tax speaks volumes. Urbanites with trains, busses and bike lanes at their feet may not mind gas tax as much as suburban and rural drivers deeply dependent on their vehicles. But roughly 45% of American … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Tax Amnesty and Electronic Filing

Louisiana is extending its tax amnesty program and New Mexico is encouraging electronic filing. There are new exemption certificates and new local sales tax rates. And in the inferno that is Eastern Washington, a tax extension is a consolation, if … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Freedom and Taboos

You can say a lot of things about sales tax, but not that it’s dull. The news this week explores: Freedom: Linking internet tax freedom to internet sales tax Politics: Controversial sales tax changes in the capital Social conscience: Tax … Continued