Weekly Roundup: 7 Sales Tax Questions Answered

Sales tax news this week raises a lot of questions: 1. Why are tax collectors picking on children in Idaho? 2. Is the federal government actually embracing state legalization of medical and recreational pot? 3. Why is this a good … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Would Rambo Use a Tax Zapper?

E-books and compost, honey bees and marijuana. Sales tax can touch just about anything. And it does. Sales tax news this week takes us from Vermont to California and to many places in between. We discover shocking similarities between some … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Lawsuits, Zappers and ATVs

Have you ever been sued over a few pennies of sales tax? Charged tax on the purchase of recreational marijuana? Has anyone ever stopped you and asked if you paid sales tax on that nifty ATV you’re driving? Sales tax … Continued

Weekly Roundup: States Get Ready for Internet Sales Tax

The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (MFA) awaits consideration in the House, but that hasn’t prevented some states from amending their tax codes so they can take advantage of MFA if it becomes law. If it passes, MFA will grant states authority … Continued

Weekly Roundup: Spotlight on Alabama

This week Alabama announced two changes to its sales tax code, illustrating exactly why sales tax obligations can be so labyrinthine for businesses to navigate.

Weekly Roundup: International Taxes

A single country’s sales tax laws can be difficult enough to navigate (the U.S. has over 8,000 taxing jurisdictions alone). Businesses engaged in international commerce face a whole other dimension of tax complexity, and this week’s headlines prove the point: … Continued