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Microsoft Dynamics GP and Avalara AvaTax: MS Certified Sales Tax Support

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Microsoft Dynamics GP users are accustomed to comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from operations management and financial management to human resources management and manufacturing. It connects the many moving parts of an organization, giving better visibility into and control over what's going on in the business. Even with these capabilities, calculating sales tax within Microsoft Dynamics GP requires manually entering sales tax information for each location into which a company sells, or creating detailed jurisdictional records for each known tax code. These are time-consuming and thankless tasks.

Luckily, Microsoft and Avalara have created an integration that allows automation of the sales tax process within the Microsoft Dynamics GP interface. With Avalara AvaTax selected within the company card, the sales and use tax rates and jurisdictional assignments happen automatically, extending the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP and ensuring greater compliance with sales tax rules and regulations.

Avalara participates in the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) accreditation program and follows Microsoft's Statement of Direction for Dynamics GP. As Microsoft adds new features and releases, the Dynamics GP integration will be upgraded to remain compatible.

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Avalara AvaTax subscription is based on your transaction volume. Plans are available for businesses of all sizes. Here are some common configurations:



Basic service level

720 Annual Transactions



Basic service level

7,200 Annual Transactions


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Additional Functionality

  • Talk with your sales representative about additional functionality for AvaTax.
  • Product Taxability - Pro service level includes product & service tax codes and taxability rules.
  • Avalara Returns - File state returns accurately and on time, every time.
  • Avalara CertCapture - Manage your exemption certificates in the cloud.
  • Global Calculation - VAT and other transactional tax requirements across the globe.

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“Avalara explains sales tax automation: the right way to stay compliant with local and state governments.”
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“We knew we couldn’t be tax experts in every state. We needed a company to provide that expertise.”
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Dynamics GP Integration by: Avalara, Inc. - Bainbridge Island HQ

This AvaTax integration, managed by Avalara, was developed using the same Software Development Kit (SDK) that many third-party software/service companies have used. For more information on how you can create an integration with your system, please visit

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