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Signature-ready fuel tax returns

Signature-ready fuel tax compliance


Avalara Returns Excise generates signature-ready fuel tax returns from fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, retailers, and other filers to automate the filing process. Returns Excise imports and transforms data from the back-office systems that track fuel transactions. Using customizable rules that embody local, state, and federal tax laws, Returns Excise determines applicable taxes, generating schedules and returns for all major reporting jurisdictions in the United States. Workflow status is tracked and visible in a dashboard, making it easy to manage the process while helping ensure returns are filed on time. Tax returns can be filed electronically via EDI, XML, Excel, or other formats as well as paper.


Fuel tax automation by industry leader


Returns Excise is the leader in fuel tax automation. With comprehensive support for all major U.S. jurisdictions, Returns Excise is a proven industry solution. Over the years, fuel industry tax professionals and taxing jurisdictions have both come to trust its ability to determine and file taxes reliably and accurately. Learn more about Avalara Returns.


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Key Features:

  • Built-in support for all major U.S. jurisdictions – Signature-ready tax return generation from fuel transaction data, with electronic or paper-based filing for all federal, state, city, and county jurisdictions, including all motor fuel excise taxes, ExSTARS, and alternative fuel returns
  • Tax update service - Monthly tax content updates ensure that new forms, rates, and rules are always available
  • Back-office integrationAutomated data import from existing systems avoids manual entry errors
  • Flexible scenario-based architecture – Built-in rules can be augmented or customized by tax preparers, without programming or IT involvement
  • Workflow status dashboard – Easy visibility and notification of tax process status, including return generation, review, approval, filing, acceptance, and amendment processes
  • Schedule query wizard- Create reports or extract tax data for analysis, audit response, or customer support
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option- Software hosted and managed in a highly-available, secure data center with full disaster recovery and 24x365 support


Key Benefits:

  • Improve tax filing productivity by automating the filing process and eliminating manual data collection and tax calculation
  • Reduce tax errors and risk of penalties through automated data validation, built-in tax content, and timely and accurate content updates and implementation
  • Reduce implementation time and cost through available back-office integrations, data import tools, built-in jurisdiction support, and flexible scenario-based architecture
  • Enable business agility by making it easy to extend to new jurisdictions, add new business partners, or support new business models
  • Reduce IT costs by eliminating the need for IT projects for tax reporting and by eliminating hardware and application management requirements through SaaS deployment

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For more details:
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For more details:

(877) 780-4848

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