Florida Requires New Diplomat Tax-Exemption Cards

Diplomats who purchase tangible personal property, transient accommodations, services, meals and other eligible purchases must now obtain a new card. The new format of exemption cards for United States Diplomatic Tax Exemption Cards can be found here.

The current cards use color-coding to identify the level of tax-exemption privilege a cardholder is authorized to receive. The new ones will replace that color-coding with images of animals. “The images are: owl, buffalo, eagle, and deer. Each image provides a visual cue of the general level of tax exemption privileges enjoyed by the cardholder and whether the card is intended for official or personal purchases.” Details can be found on the Florida DOR site.

According to the DOR website: “Cardholders are not required to get or present a Florida Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (Form DR-14) when making authorized tax-exempt purchases.”