A notable lineup testified Wednesday morning at a House Judiciary Committee on whether states should be allowed to require online retailers to collect sales taxes on customers’ purchases. Xconomy reporter Curt Woodward covered the testimony made by Amazon VP Paul Misner:

In his prepared remarks, Misener acknowledges the obvious fact that software has solved the problems with national sales tax collection: “With today’s computing and communications technology, widespread collection no longer would be an unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce, and Congress feasibly can authorize the states to require all but the very smallest volume sellers to collect.”

Woodward highlights the fact that Misener names Avalara as one such software solution for sales tax collection:

He [Misener] also shouts out Avalara, the Bainbridge Island, WA-based company that has been a leader in supplying online sales tax software to retailers, particularly small and medium-sized sellers. As CEO Scott McFarlane recently told me, all the talk of sales tax collection being some kind of unfathomable dark art is frustrating for the entrepreneurs trying to solve the problem

According to Woodward, the recognition of software solutions for sales tax collection is a step in the right direction: “It’s encouraging to see so much progress being made on an issue that’s lingered, probably needlessly, for so long.”

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