Missouri is continuing on a path to strive to bring themselves into compliance with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA). Representative Mary Still, D-Columbia, intends to re-introduce legislation this year that would enable the state to “…adopt sales tax collection definitions and procedures agreed to by 22 states…” who are part of the SSUTA.

Rep. Still is hoping the federal Internet sales tax legislation co-sponsored by Senator Roy Blunt, R-MO in Congress will encourage state representatives to support a proposal to bring Missouri in line with SSUTA requirements this year. In the past, similar legislation has not made it very far in the Missouri legislature.

As reported by the Columbia Tribune, “Scott Peterson, executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, said the agreement states are signing clarifies definitions such as food, which many states exempt from their full sales tax. It also stipulates when new taxes will take effect after an election and establishes reimbursement rates for companies that collect a state’s sales tax and send it back, among other things.”

According to Peterson, “The Internet is a perfect medium to collect sales tax.” And Still states that by asking Internet retailers to collect and remit sales taxes, people “…are not breaking their pledge

[for no new taxes] by collecting taxes that are already owed.” Peterson indicates that, “if you use modern software, all of these decisions can be automated relatively quickly.”

However, as Tax Analysts points out, federal lawmakers are considering a number of bills, a couple would not require states to join the SSUTA, but still enable the states to require sales tax collection of Internet retailers.