Avalara is pleased to announce the launch of Avaslacks, the first pants that give you real-time sales tax calculation everywhere that you wear pants. With Avaslacks top-to-bottom coverage, you can relax and let us take care of all your sales tax calculation, exemption certificate management, and filing needs.

Whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or leaning up with one foot against a wall, Avaslacks offers you:

  • Integration with 170+ existing wardrobes
  • Geo-location in-seam for accurate jurisdiction location
  • XL pockets for storing exemption certificates
  • Wrinkle-free sales tax returns

AvaSlacks’ cutting-edge technology even turns spills into bills by calculating the taxability of whatever you drop on your pants, whether it’s pizza, beer or medical equipment.

Here’s what Avaslacks beta users are saying:

  • “I’m never taking my pants off again!”
  • “Now I can look accurate and charge accurate (amounts of sales tax).”
  • “When the auditor comes knocking, I just say, ‘Wait! I need to put my pants on.'”
  • “I learned that the coffee I spilled on my lap was supposed to be sales tax free.”
Try AvaSlacks, available only on April 1. AvaSlacks: We make sales tax swanky.

Coming soon AvataxHat: The first and only hat to give you auditor protection everywhere that you wear a hat.

(Image by NCReedplayer)