Online Shoppers Rate Sales Tax and Shipping as Important Factors to Their Decisions

In a recent Alix Partners Home Delivery Survey, it appears that convenience is the main reason for shopping from home. A sample of 1,000 adults in the U.S. were surveyed between March 22-25, 2012 about their expectations, activities and preferences around shopping from home.

The top three reasons given in the survey results for purchasing from an online store, catalog or television program or commercial are:

  • Ease and comfort of shipping from home
  • Cost of products
  • Selection of products

According to the survey, 21% of consumers would greatly reduce their online purchases and 38% would somewhat reduce their purchases if sales tax was always applied to all transactions. Less than 50% said that adding sales tax to their online purchases would make no difference to their purchasing habits.

However, Alix Partners found more than 60% rated shipping as having a great impact on their ordering decisions.

Some specific complaints around shipping included:

  • Cost of delivery too high
  • Too long to deliver
  • Difficult to return items
  • Loss or damage in shipment

The top three reasons noted that would keep consumers from buying online:

  • Need to see/touch item before purchasing
  • Cost of delivery too high
  • Concerns about quality or freshness of product

Making the consumer experience as seamless as possible is important in maintaining a competitive edge. That edge can be maintained with automated technology solutions that make sales tax a no-brainer.

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