This week’s sales tax news is . . .

  • Historical: Today’s tax preparers may be affected by horses killed during the Civil War.
  • Fickle: Massachusetts lawmakers vote to repeal a computer services tax 6 weeks after enacting it.
  • Socially Consciousness: Don’t own a yacht? Then you don’t have to pay use tax on it.
  • Political: Should IUDs be outlawed or exempted from sales tax?
  • Green: Sales tax holidays promote energy efficient appliances.
  • Practical: Everything you need to know about sales tax exemption certificates.
  • Legal: Should the Supreme Court rule on Internet sales tax?
  • Philosophical: Can taxes, or the lack of them, free Maine?
  • Informative: Rate changes, rule changes, boundary changes, and much, much more.

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photo credit: s myers via photopin cc