When October blows into town, it brings pumpkins, falling leaves, and a new quarter. As a result, sales tax news this week includes a number of last minute sales and use tax rate changes. But news this week is also full of whimsy, retribution, and the bizarre.

The rather whimsical nature of sales tax is revealed in the news out of Massachusetts, where a computer software and services tax was repealed just six weeks after it was enacted. Whiplash!

Retribution is felt in Maine, where Amazon affiliates are being notified that Amazon is terminating affiliate relationships on October 6 because of the state’s new affiliate nexus law. Ouch!

And it is simply bizarre to realize that the taxability of take-n-bake pizzas has inspired a letter-writing campaign around the country.

Also in the news this week: Japan’s prime minister thinks a sales tax increase is necessary; Missouri is taking a hard line against negligent and thieving businesses; and October sales tax holidays focus on energy efficient products.

Learn about all this and more in this week’s sales tax news.

photo credit: DonkeyHotey via photopin cc