janGoodmanBlogJan Goodman of Arxis Technology shares how she has used Avalara Rewards to earn gifts just in time for the holiday season. 

How did you hear about Avalara Rewards?

I learned about Avalara Rewards in a webinar Avalara hosted for partners. Basically, the program makes it easy for you to share educational tax info with your network via email or social media. You get to select the content that will be most interesting to your network, and when you attract referrals, you get points that you can exchange for rewards like tablets, Amazon gift cards, and more.

What made you decide to join the incentives program?  

It was a no-brainer! For me, I took the easy option for the first reward: an Amazon gift card. I shop at Amazon all the time for both business and personal items. I am into hats these days. So I used my card to pick up a new one that I’ll likely be sporting at the ITA Fall Collaborative where I can thank the Avalara team in person.

What has your experience been so far?

Great! The program is easy to use and fun as well.

Do you have any recommendations for other participants of Avalara Rewards, or partners that would like to join the program?

Do it! I can’t think of one reason not to join.  For current participants, go back and visit often, new rewards are added all the time

Learn more about the Avalara Rewards Program.