How can sales tax automation help skateboarders shine?

For Junior Lubin and Erick Rodriguez of Supafly Skate Co., using Avalara’s TrustFile has given them more time to develop new products, like the LED glow-in-the dark skateboard wheels that they recently launched.

When Lubin, CEO of the company, and Rodriguez, CFO, first started doing business, they were doing sales tax manually with the help of an outside CPA, and this meant spending eight to 10 hours or more per month each on a task that did nothing to help their bottom line.

Then they discovered that Avalara could help.

“When we first heard about TrustFile, it sounded too good to be true. But it turned out to be economically priced, saved us a ton of time, and made the whole laborious process of sales tax much easier,” Rodriguez said. “Now we go in once a quarter and click the button for Avalara to submit it — much simpler.”

In addition to saving time, TrustFile’s accuracy guarantee offers peace of mind, Lubin said. Making sales tax mistakes can result in spending even more time — and money. Lubin eliminates that worry by relying on Avalara to help the company get it right.

“With TrustFile, you can set it and forget it … and then when it comes time to review it, you see that, wow, TrustFile compiled it all for you.”

That allows Lubin to focus more on R&D — “to sit down, see how I can enhance the experience. I personally have more time to mold and recreate items to make them better.”

Getting sales taxes out of the way “saves us time and energy to do what we really love doing, like sourcing products, enhancing our current products, and just finding ways to give our customers the ultimate skating experience,” Lubin said.

With the $5,000 Gimme 5 prize, Supafly is buying more inventory to meet growing demand, Lubin said, “taking Supafly to new heights!”