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Growing manufacturers, beware. New channels = new tax rules

Manufacturers today are entering new channels: selling directly to consumers, entering the global marketplace, and offering new services. Each brings rewards, and potential sales tax traps.

For manufacturers that sell direct to consumers, sales tax is an issue

Adding a D2C sales channel can help you grow and expand your business, but it’s a vastly different buying experience for the customer. Before dive in, you should ask yourself these questions.

The truth behind sales tax audits

Any company can expose itself to audit risk with a faulty compliance process, so why are certain companies targeted more often than others? The simple truth may help you safeguard your business.

3 tax compliance concerns facing manufacturers

Learn more about three areas that pose sales and use tax challenges for manufacturers and distributors.

Looking for a List of Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Expirations?

Looking for a thorough list of sales tax exemption certificate expiration dates?


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