Sales And Use Tax

South Carolina goes after Amazon marketplace sales tax revenue

Marketplace sales have largely flown under the radar of state tax authorities. However, a small but growing number of states are now looking to tax them. The most recent, and most surprising, is South Carolina.

Are those flannel zebra jammies taxable? National Thrift Store Day – Wacky Tax Wednesday

State sales tax laws differ with respect to thrift stores in general and nonprofit thrift stores in particular. To celebrate National Thrift Store Day, visit a thrift shop near you on Aug. 17 and see if it charges sales tax.

For manufacturers that sell direct to consumers, sales tax is an issue

Adding a D2C sales channel can help you grow and expand your business, but it’s a vastly different buying experience for the customer. Before dive in, you should ask yourself these questions.

Keep calm and relax on, National Relaxation Day – Wacky Tax Wednesday

The taxability of many of the activities we do to relax is far from clear — and there's nothing relaxing about that.

The FBA sales tax amnesty program explained

Is the sales tax amnesty program right for your business? To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of eight frequently asked questions and answers.

How the new sales tax amnesty will affect Amazon FBA sellers

A new sales tax amnesty program for Amazon FBA and other marketplace sellers is scheduled to run August 17 through October 17, 2017. Learn more.

The truth behind sales tax audits

Any company can expose itself to audit risk with a faulty compliance process, so why are certain companies targeted more often than others? The simple truth may help you safeguard your business.

How to tax an ebook – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Books are subject to sales and use tax in the District of Columbia and all 45 states with a sales tax. At least books with paper pages are. The taxability of digital books is much less straightforward.

How to successfully handle sales tax during sales tax holidays

Five sales tax holiday pitfalls retailers will face this August, and tips to successfully negotiate them.

3 tax compliance concerns facing manufacturers

Learn more about three areas that pose sales and use tax challenges for manufacturers and distributors.


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