Sales And Use Tax

Wedding photography: a sales tax snapshot – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Bundled transactions, like photography services that include sales of services and tangible goods, tend to complicate sales tax compliance.

Is that Father’s Day gift taxable? Wacky Tax Wednesday

More of us are giving dad experiences for Father's Day than gifts. Is it because services tend to be exempt, while tangible goods are typically taxable?

Diapers are taxable in Maine; lift tickets are not – Wacky Tax Wednesday

I don’t mean to pick on Maine in this post. In fact, I have very fond memories of working summers in Maine, serving lobsters, cursing Canadians who don’t tip, and exploring the trails and beaches of that incredibly beauti...

You can’t outrun sales tax – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Human nature being what it is, it’s perhaps not surprising that some people try to sidestep sales tax on big-ticket purchases like RVs. And it turns out that there’s an entire state willing to accommodate this practice.

Roughing it: Camping taxes are complicated – Wacky Tax Wednesday

There are a mind-boggling number of different charges associated with even the most rustic camping, from admission fees to charges for self-service laundry, and sales tax has to be properly applied to each.

When state auditors head out of state – Wacky Tax Wednesday

State tax authorities routinely send auditors to other states to capture unreported sales tax revenue. Some states go so far as to have remote offices.

What economic nexus means for your remote sales

With sales tax revenue lagging, many states are creating economic nexus laws to tax sales by out-of-state sellers lacking a physical presence in the state.

4 Great Things I Learned About Sales Tax Compliance at #TaxCRUSH17

Business expert, Gene Marks, spent an hour at #taxCRUSH17 in a discussion about sales tax compliance for eCommerce sellers with three smart Chief Financial Officers. Here Gene shares four key takeaways.

Using sales tax to shape the arts – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Sales tax and the arts may seem like unusual bedfellows. Yet sales tax policies often encourage the consumption of art in a variety of ways.

When an optional warranty is mandatory – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Warranties are often considered a service, and since many states don’t tax services, many states don’t tax warranties. However, the taxability of a warranty often depends on the conditions of the sale: whether it is optio...


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