Filing And Returns

Tax Calendaring in Returns Excise

As every motor fuels tax analyst knows, filing taxes is an exercise in managing complexity in the face of immovable dates.

Weekly Roundup: Tax Amnesty and Electronic Filing

Louisiana is extending its tax amnesty program and New Mexico is encouraging electronic filing. There are new exemption certificates and new local sales tax rates. And in the inferno that is Eastern Washington, a tax extensio...

Renew TrustFile for 2013

  TrustFile software provides simple, inexpensive and automated sales and use tax e-filing and e-payment services. It’s available in states that require businesses to file and pay their sales and use taxes online...

Weekly Roundup: California and Delaware Sales Tax Crackdown

California and Delaware go after delinquent taxpayers; Illinois rolls out its new online sales tax management system; and Texas explains new exemptions for schools. 

Sales Tax This Week: eFiling, Holidays, Online Tax

California offers electronic tax filing, and Indiana requires it; sales tax holidays come to Iowa and Mississippi; and consumers weigh in on online sales tax. All this and more below. 

Canadian Sales Tax Returns

There have been an increased number of questions about Canada and how their sales tax reporting system is set up.  While Canada is not as complex as the US when it comes to taxability and filing, there are some differences [...

12 Sales Tax Tips for Small Businesses: #2, Mandatory E-filing

Check if you will be required to pay your returns electronically this new year.  Our second sales tax tip for 2012 involves e-filing (all 12 for 12 tips). Each state decides which payment options it offers to businesses. Som...

No more paper filing for South Carolina

  If you have a business in South Carolina and are expecting to receive your annual sales tax return booklet by mail in 2011, than think again.  In order to cut the costs on printing and postage, South Carolina Department [...


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