Tax Tips

Risky Business: 5 Industries that Raise Audit Red Flags

February 28, 2017

Did you know that what type of business you’re in could be all it takes to trigger a sales tax audit? It’s true. Some industries attract state auditors’ attention more than others – simply by what they do or sell and how sales tax factors into that equation. In this new report, Avalara and Peisner and Johnson used real data from state audits to uncover the reasons why some businesses get audited more than others, what makes these companies more vulnerable, and tips to reduce risk and improve compliance.

Sink or swim: A guide to surviving sales tax in 2017

January 31, 2017

Sales and use tax compliance can be a complex problem for many businesses. It almost feels like you need a bowie knife to cut through the regulatory red tape, although knowledge may be a better weapon in this case. So stay sharp with Avalara’s 2017 Sales Tax Survival Guide.

State-by-state guide to electronic sales tax filing and payment

December 28, 2016

If you are a small business filing sales taxes in several different states, it can be tricky to keep track of all the different filing requirements. Automation, such as Avalara’s TrustFile, can help streamline the sales tax filing process for you.

Which states offer the best incentives for filing sales tax on time?

December 19, 2016

There are some states that use a carrot rather than just a stick to give businesses incentives to get their sales taxes done on time. These states offer rewards in the form of a discount on the amount of tax due when sales tax returns are filed and paid on time.

5 Tips to Get Started on Collecting Sales Tax

December 7, 2016

You’ve been sailing along, business as usual when you realize that you need to start collecting sales taxes. It can be an intimidating position, especially when you’re a small business with limited time and resources. So where do you start? Here are 5 steps that will get you on your way to sales tax compliance.

November’s Gimme 5 Customer Spotlight: Kenny Davies of Peak, Inc.

November 29, 2016

Our November Gimme5 winner is Peak, Inc. See what Kenny Davies, Peak’s CEO, does with the extra 5 hours a month that he saves by using Avalara’s sales tax automation. Are you an Avalara customer? Tell us what you do with your extra time and you could win $5000 cash, too!

Top 5 sales tax audit risks for small businesses

November 21, 2016

States are using lots of investigative tools for their audit selection, but your actions can make the decision easy for the state. Here are some of the most common sales tax compliance mistakes that can lead to a greater audit risk—and how to avoid them.

Election Day brings changes to sales taxes too

November 17, 2016

While the focus in the latest general election has been the presidential race, there were plenty of local ballot issues that will affect small businesses in a very personal and immediate way.

It’s a startup nation: How outsourced bookkeepers are answering the call to arms

November 10, 2016

With tens of billions of dollars of venture capital being invested in startups every quarter, it’s no surprise that these companies need help keeping track of funding and expenses. For professional bookkeepers, startup fever offers a fantastic opportunity for developing a new client base. What do startups need, and how can bookkeepers position themselves to become a trusted resource for startup clients?

Accounting for change: A brief history of bookkeeping

November 9, 2016

Keep reading to learn more about the ways bookkeeping has impacted history and culture — and how today’s changing technologies have created some of the biggest challenges and opportunities bookkeepers have ever seen.