Value Added Tax

National Pie Day: Is your bottom firm? Wacky Tax Wednesday

A look at how Britain taxes pies and pasties, inspired by the Great British Baking Show and National Pie Day.

National Small Business Week: Cross-Border Selling Tips for Small Business Owners

As we continue to celebrate National Small Business Week, here's a look back at some advice from small business owners and from our experts at Avalara.

Top 6 Myths About Landed Cost

Calculating the total cost of overseas shipments is tricky, and it's made more difficult by inaccurate information found online. Check out this post to understand why landed cost, including import duties and import fees, is i...

Hamilton Gives Context to Customs Duty

Companies struggle to understand the complexity of international trade and tax, usually without grasping why they’re important in the first place. The Hamilton musical puts their value in context.

Growing globally with landed cost automation

No matter what goods you're exporting, selling to a new country for the first time can present unforeseen compliance challenges.

The Road to Avalara CRUSH 2016: Amy Morgan Discusses Small Businesses Going International

Amy Morgant on the many challenges and opportunities of cross-border shipping, and what she is most looking forward to at Avalara CRUSH 2016.

How Landed Cost Can Cost You Customers – Will’s Whiteboard

How to decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction by getting landed cost right.

LandedCost: You Don’t Have to Be a Giant to Go Global

Internet technology has opened up global trade for sellers of all sizes. Yet, tax compliance can block smaller online retailers from taking full advantage of global markets.


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