FinDEVr & Integrate 2015 Presentations

FinDEVr & Integrate 2015 Presentations

How to Build a Successful API Certification Program - Integrate 2015 from Loke Tan

A few weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at two developer conferences that were held in California. The first was Integrate 2015 which is also part of the API World series of events. My talk was titled “How to build a successful API Certification Program” and it details all the learnings and experience we’ve gone through building and operating our own Certification Program here at Avalara.

The Wacky World of Sales Tax - FinDEVr 2015 from Loke Tan

The second talk was at the Financial Developers event called FinDEVr where over 500 financial developers & business development attendees met to share ideas about their financial related technologies. My talk was titled “The Wacky World of Sales Tax” and it was a whimsical look at the complex business of Sales Tax and how developer can benefit from working with Avalara’s API.

Both the presentations are available on Slideshare.


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