Tax Rates Client Library for Node

Tax Rates Client Library for Node

The Avalara Developer Relations team is boldly going (cue music) into node.js. We released our first node.js helper library in August for the API. This is our free and simple API for getting sales tax rates and authorities based on a street address or zip/postal code in the U.S. or Canada. The new node.js library makes it easy to integrate it into your node-based projects.

You can find sample code in the readme of the TaxRates-node Github repository. You can also embed it in your node.js project: npm install avalara-taxrates.

I cannot give a definitive statement on when our next node.js library is coming, but things are in the works.

If you’re going to be at the Integrate Hackathon later this month, look for me. I’ll be wearing an Avalara t-shirt and I just might have some swag to distribute (like our “Dev & Taxes” sugar skull sticker).

Once the conference starts, watch for the ever-popular and ever-ebullient Loke-Uei Tan to join us as a conference attendee and conference speaker.

Loke, Anya, and I will also be working the Avalara presence at FinDevR in San Francisco next month, so if you’re going to be at that event, make sure to stop by our table and say hello.

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