AvaTax Developer Guide

AvaTax Developer Guide

If including tax calculation and remittance capabilities into your application has been daunting, tiresome, and therefore easy to put on the back burner, we understand. Your users need these capabilities to keep the tax auditors at bay, but you don’t have time to wade through pages of documentation to try to understand the complexities of sales and use tax. We want to help you deliver that huge operational efficiency and tax protection to your users quickly and easily.

Introducing the AvaTax Developer Guide. We’ve condensed and simplified our documentation into a fun-to-read chapter format to help you successfully build your integration to AvaTax.

Quick integration

In each chapter, we cover everything from how to obtain your free sandbox account to why your users should care about consumer use tax. It’s easy to navigate around the different areas of interest and return to them as needed.

The guide can direct you to the correct API reference page for every function, so you can work at your own pace. Each chapter also includes test cases you can use to check if your software is working correctly.

Connector developers

For developers working on integrating AvaTax into accounting systems or web storefronts, we have a list of certification requirements you should consider if you wish to apply for Avalara Certified Connector status. Getting certified is a great way to learn the theory of tax and how it applies to your software.

The AvaTax Developer Guide teaches you everything you need to know to create a robust integration for all types of customers. Quickstart chapters will help you get started fast, customization chapters will help you map your accounting system’s features to AvaTax, and the advanced chapters will help you ensure compatibility with large enterprises when they begin using your software. And, if you’ve ever wondered why some large enterprises use location-based reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Please come and see what’s new. As always, we welcome your feedback on our new format and how it can be improved. Relax, we’ll handle the tax.

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