Office Hours with AvaTax

Office Hours with AvaTax

Avalara’s crack team of engineers receives dozens of questions every week from developers using our APIs, SDKs and documentation, and we want to answer as many as we can.

To that end, we’re excited to announce a new weekly, 30-minute series of webinars that we’re calling Office Hours with AvaTax. Here’s how it will work: Every Tuesday, we’ll spend the first 15 minutes of the webinar covering a specific topic such as reconciling tax transactions, how to find specific tax code information in AvaTax and the like. Then, the last 15 minutes will be reserved as an open Q&A format. This is your opportunity to ask our expert team of engineers and developers any questions that may be top of your mind about the AvaTax platform.

Have a question about how to get started using the AvaTax API? Want to know what SDKs are available and in what programming languages? Need some help calculating tax offline? Want some expert assistance customizing your transactions? Avalara’s team of engineers can answer all these questions and more – we are eager to help make the process of building accurate tax calculation solutions quick and easy for you.

The next installment of Office Hours with AvaTax is scheduled for 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, Jan. 23, followed by another Office Hours at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, Feb. 6. New installments will occur every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT from there on out.

You can find a complete list of upcoming installments of Office Hours with AvaTax as well as information on our Monthly AvaTax Developer Webinar series in the Webinars section of the Avalara Developer website.

We’re looking forward to hearing your questions!

The Avalara Developer Team

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