Avalara Certifies 22 Partner Integrations to Automate Tax Calculations and Management

Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses, today announced its spring 2017 release of 22 new certified partner integrations.

California creates new tax collection agency

The California Board of Equalization will no longer administer sales and use tax and many other taxes as of July 1. Starting Saturday, the new Department of Tax and Fee Administration will take charge.

How to make the most of customer interactions and collect the data to prove it

B2B companies need a tightly integrated system of record for all online and offline customer interactions, so crucial information and aggregated data can be easily accessed and utilized by customers, employees, and apps.

Customs officials cracking down as global trade increases

Selling internationally involves more than making the sale and mailing a package. Global sellers have to properly handle customs duty, import tax, de minimis thresholds, shipping and insurance, and more.

Wedding photography: a sales tax snapshot – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Bundled transactions, like photography services that include sales of services and tangible goods, tend to complicate sales tax compliance.

Easier cross-border ecommerce leads to more challenging customs regulations

Easier international trade is causing a surge in cross-border sales, which is heightening global trade regulations, which are complicating import and export tax compliance and international trade for all sellers.

Is that Father’s Day gift taxable? Wacky Tax Wednesday

More of us are giving dad experiences for Father's Day than gifts. Is it because services tend to be exempt, while tangible goods are typically taxable?

Diapers are taxable in Maine; lift tickets are not – Wacky Tax Wednesday

I don’t mean to pick on Maine in this post. In fact, I have very fond memories of working summers in Maine, serving lobsters, cursing Canadians who don’t tip, and exploring the trails and beaches of that incredibly beauti...

Avalara Expands its Partnership with BigCommerce to Support Merchants’ Tax Compliance Needs

Avalara, Inc. and BigCommerce have expanded and extended their existing partnership to provide Avalara’s tax compliance solutions to ecommerce merchants on the BigCommerce platform.

You can’t outrun sales tax – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Human nature being what it is, it’s perhaps not surprising that some people try to sidestep sales tax on big-ticket purchases like RVs. And it turns out that there’s an entire state willing to accommodate this practice.