The CRUSH Files: Sales and Use Tax in the Cloud

What does the cloud have to do with sales and use tax? Plenty! Just ask Carolynn Kranz, managing partner and one of this year’s conference speakers at CRUSH Austin.

Don’t get fooled by nexus rules

April 1 is commonly known as April Fool's Day. It's also the date when Amazon will start collecting sales tax in four more states — Maine, New Mexico, Hawaii and Idaho.

Data sharing: how use tax notification requirements will impact compliance

Data sharing has great potential to simplify tax collection and administration for states, but it can create additional burdens for businesses.

What Amazon’s decision to collect sales tax in all states does (and doesn’t) mean for your business

Gone is the need to speculate about where and when Amazon will next collect; come April 1, 2017, it will tax deliveries into 45 states plus Washington, D.C. Learn what this means (and doesn't mean) for other ecommerce sellers...

The CRUSH Files: Concur & Avalara — Partnering for Customer Success

Michael Lynd, director of channel marketing at Concur, talks about Concur’s connection to sales tax, a new trend in cloud-based technology, and why the company is sponsoring this year’s conference.

West Virginia’s conflicting visions for sales tax overhaul – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Competing bills in West Virginia seek to solve a growing deficit by either increasing or reducing the sales tax rate.

8 Great eBay Lessons I Learned from 5 Great eBay Merchants

Want to succeed on eBay? Why not ... it's an enormous marketplace that gives you the opportunity to sell your products just about anywhere in the world. But, nothing is as easy it seems.

The CRUSH Files: Cross-Border Selling and Landed Cost

Amy Morgan, a senior product manager at Avalara, tells us in a video about why she's excited for CRUSH and what attendees can expect from her session.

Avalara Names Tony Susak General Manager of Communications Tax Business

Avalara, Inc., today announced that Tony Susak has joined the company as the General Manager for the Avalara Communications business.

Taxing on-demand snow removal services – Wacky Tax Wednesday

New services such as on-demand snow removal don't always fit tidily into existing tax laws.