How to get your pi(e) on, tax free – Wacky Tax Wednesday

March 14 is National Pi Day, and savvy math nerds around the country are celebrating their favorite irrational number by consuming quantities of pie. Sweet or savory, if it comes baked in a crust, Pie Day is a good day to ...Continued

The CRUSH Files: Simplifying Exemption Certificate Management

Avalara's Mike Maselli tells us what attendees can expect from his CRUSH session, which will focus on the powerful benefits of exemption certificate automation, and what he is most looking forward to at this year’s conference....Continued

Avalara CommerceTracker Blog Series: On-the-Pulse Insights Into Commerce Trends – At Home and Across Borders

Avalara’s CommerceTracker gives on-the-pulse insights on what’s going on in commerce in the U.S. and around the world....Continued

The CRUSH Files: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Brexit

Richard Asquith, vice president of global indirect tax, discusses more about his session, the challenges of Brexit and its impact in America and Europe, and what he is most looking forward to at this year’s conference....Continued

4 Reasons to Get Involved in a User Group Community

Software user groups provide a forum to share knowledge and best practices for products they use and surrounding technologies so that members can improve their business processes....Continued

South Dakota happy its law is unconstitutional – Wacky Tax Wednesday

A state court found South Dakota's online sales tax bill to be unconstitutional, and the state is thrilled....Continued

Colorado use tax notification starts July 2017

Colorado created a use tax notification requirement in 2010 in order to capture more tax revenue from remote sales. The policy was immediately challenged and has been under dispute ever since. Now the case has been settled, and the policy will ...Continued

Iowa Amazon Prime Ruling Means Streaming Video Service Bundles Are Now Taxable

The Iowa Department of Revenue ruled that Amazon's streaming video service renders Amazon Prime memberships taxable in their entirety. Here's what tax managers need to know. ...Continued

Top 4 Reasons to Make Cloud ERP the Hub of Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

It's now a multicloud world, in which companies often rely on solutions from a wide range of cloud vendors, but just as in the days of building integrations between point solutions, you need your cloud solutions to talk to each ...Continued

On returns and sales tax, an Oscar tribute – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Like many Americans, I hunkered down on Sunday evening to watch the Oscars. The kids started early, so as not to miss any of the Red Carpet fun, but my husband and I waited until the incomparable Jimmy Kimmel took ...Continued