Software and sales tax: Why investors care about the state of your compliance

Take a look at how the state of your compliance can help (or hurt) your business as you attempt to secure funding, launch an IPO, or complete a merger or acquisition.

Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board wants Supreme Court to reconsider Quill

Several organizations, including the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board and the Tax Foundation, are urging the Supreme Court to consider a case that could challenge the physical presence precedent upheld by Quill.

Pennsylvania to hold marketplace facilitators liable for tax on third-party sales

Pennsylvania joins Rhode Island and Washington in giving remote sellers and marketplace facilitators a choice: Collect tax or comply with use tax notice and reporting requirements.

FBA sales tax amnesty ends November 1

A tax amnesty program for online marketplace sellers that began Aug. 17, 2017, concludes today, November 1, 2017.

One sandwich, hold the tax – Wacky Tax Wednesday

If you think making lunch for the family is challenging, try getting the sales tax on sandwiches right.

Remote online seller tries to crush Massachusetts cookie law

Can an internet seller establish a substantial physical presence in Massachusetts through the cookies it puts on in-state devices?

Survey: Growing software companies find themselves in tricky sales tax territory

The 2017 Avalara Sales Tax Survey for Software Companies explores the intersection of high-growth software companies and high-risk sales tax activities. Review the findings now.

Avalara Certifies 14 Partner Integrations to Automate Tax Calculations and Management

Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses, today announced its fall 2017 release of 14 new certified partner integrations.

Increase Your Holiday Sales: 15 Tips from 4 Successful Shopify Merchants

The holidays are getting closer, and now’s the time to take action if you want to increase your 2017 ecommerce sales. Here are 15 ways to gear up for the next few months.

There’s more than one way to carve, and tax, a pumpkin – Wacky Tax Wednesday

For many, Halloween isn't complete without a trip to a pumpkin patch for future jack-o’-lanterns and a trip through a corn maze. Agritourism seems to hearken back to a simpler time — until you throw sales tax into the mix...