Mississippi Department of Revenue moves to tax out-of-state sellers

Although the Mississippi Legislature’s attempt to impose a tax obligation on certain out-of-state sellers was defeated early this year, the state hasn’t given up on its efforts to tax remote sales.

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National Beer Day: The perfect time to swap fun beer tax facts with your friends.

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Sales tax on software: a visual guide by state

In the U.S., there are many different ways to tax software based on a host of distinct categories. See which states tax your products, and which don’t, with our software taxability map. It may surprise you.

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Online marketplace seller tax amnesty deadline extended

The application period for the online marketplace seller voluntary disclosure initiative has been extended. It will now close Nov. 1, 2017.

Who should collect tax on marketplace sales?

The question of who should collect the tax on marketplace transactions is deeply divisive. Some argue the marketplace providers are liable, others say the tax should be collected by marketplace sellers themselves.

A simpler sales tax for bakeries – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Savoring a tasty treat is one of life’s simple pleasures, but in many states, there’s nothing simple about the taxability of baked goods.

MTC considers extending online marketplace seller tax amnesty program

On Oct. 11, the Nexus Committee of the Multistate Tax Commission will meet to discuss the possibility of extending the online marketplace seller tax amnesty program. The application period is currently set to close Oct. 17.