Compliance Tracking

Organize and monitor your tax filing and compliance. Integrate your tax documents with tax authority systems such as e-CAC, RFB and Sintegra.

Our Compliance Tracking control panel allows users to monitor relevant deadlines, reports, filing receipts, and the actions of key individuals involved in the compliance process. It also enables users to make quick decisions and actions — both with ongoing processes and when responding to a tax audit. Compliance tracking helps businesses overcome one of the greatest challenges of doing business in Brazil: keeping up with and organizing compliance requirements, taxes, and legal documents.

Compliance by Business

Automatically identifies compliance requirements for business based on CNPJ (Fed. Tax ID) and CNAE (business activity code).

Consultation to e-CAC

Automates consultations, document search and incoming communications, tax-payer status, notifications, charges, and processes.

Manage Activity Workflow

Creates a workflow, with assignee and deadlines, for all activities involved in the process of filing or meeting a requirement.

Manage Deadline/Delivery

Brings transparency and accountability to all tax compliance areas and tasks, minimizing surprises and risks.

Keep Filing Receipts

Provides more than 130 layouts of tax filing receipts, with automated identification of tax, tax period, and delivery status tracking.

Information Safety

All your files and documents are backed-up and safely stored in our cloud servers, with twenty-four-hour availability from any secure device