Digital Auditor

Validate, cross-check and audit your SPED, compliance reports and NFEs to file accurate, consistent and error-free reports.

The Digital Auditor provides precise diagnostics that allow users to validate and cross reference data in SPED files. The cross-reference processes audit and compare information for several different tax obligations, ensuring data conformity and consistency across your filings. Prior to filing with tax authorities, the solution points out errors and suggests corrections. It maintains high integrity of information and content to provide error-free compliance reports.

PVA Report Integration

Integrates with the PVA (Digital Signature Validation) filing tool from RFB to allow automatic validation in batch directly with the PVA.

Fiscal EFD Crossing

Verifies EFD Fiscal data against NF-e, CTe, Sintegra, e-DOC, GIAs, DIEF, DMA, DAP, DIEF, DIEF and DIME.

EFD Contribution Crossing

Verifies EFD Contributions data against EFD Fiscal, ECD Contábil, NF-e, DACON and DCTF.

ECD Accounting Crossing

Verifies ECD Contábil (electronic accounting files) data against ECF, DIPJ, FCONT, DIRF and DCTF.

e-CAC and Obligations

Performs the following cross-references: DCTF x e-CAC, ECF x DCTF, DCTF x DACON, DCTF x DIPJ, DCTF x DIRF, SINTEGRA x GIA, e-DOC x SEF II.

NFE Booking Verification

Verifies that all NF-es have been properly booked and are accounted for in the respective EFD Fiscal filing.