Tax Compliance

Complete and intelligent management of tax compliance and period-end processing for SPED’s and all tax levels: federal, state and municipal.

One the toughest challenges Brazilian companies face is to meet the compliance requirements correctly and timely, especially SPED. This is true due to the number of different requirements and for the constant changes of rules and regulations. Our tax compliance solution brings cutting edge technology and intelligence together. We connect to the leading ERPs to extract data and handle the most complex requirements, both with simplicity and agility. The final result is tax compliance with lower cost and reduced risks.

Compliance Supported by Taxes

We support all secondary requirements and digital reports covered by federal legislation (IPI, IRRF and INSS), state (ICMS) and municipal (ISS) as SPED.

ERP Connectors

Support integration with any ERP natively without additional maintenance cost.

Dynamic Data Input

Allows upload of complementary information through file upload of any format.

Management Reports

Allow the creation of reports with detailed information on taxes, compliance and period-end processing by tax for analysis and management.