TaxDoc Monitor

Automate the search, retrieval, recovery, validation and storage of electronic tax documents.

TaxDoc Monitor automates all processes involved in the search, retrieval or recovery, storage, and validation of electronic transactional tax documents, such as NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e, etc. It facilitates tax reporting and compliance by properly managing and validating electronic tax docs (normally a signed XML file), removing the constant headache plaguing many companies in Brazil. TaxDoc Monitor guarantees the speed and accuracy of your tax data, as well as a substantial cost reduction.

Automated Download of NF-e

Connects to two tax authorities to identify all company transactions, automatically retrieving and storing each XML file.

eDocuments Management

Over 40 user configurable filters enable the search, recovery and printing of eDocs through a secure environment.

Tax Validation

Validates the tax calculation of inbound documents based on up-to-date tax rules, rates and pertinent legislation.

Validate NF-e Bookings

Validates the bookkeeping of each eDoc transaction, identifying discrepancies, incorrect classifications and canceled documents.

RFB & Sintegra validation

Verifies transaction counterpart tax IDs with RFB and Sintegra, storing certificate status and verifying document authenticity and status.

Acknowledgement of NF-e

Allows users to manage eDocs either by individual document or by the batch and provides notification of each event.