TaxBPM – Process Management

Manage essential tax processes and workflows, reduce risk, and gain greater control and understanding of your team’s tax activities.

Tax Process Management is a workflow tool that allows businesses to receive government notifications and process them as necessary. It enables businesses to identify and map out essential tax processes, assigning tasks, monitoring activities, and successfully planning for the future. The Tax Process monitoring system improves visibility and overall control of data sources, documents, tasks, teams, and scheduling.

Citation/Order Controls

Uses pre-configured processes to manage subpoenas, citations, and all aspects involved in meeting the requested deliverables.

Task Management

Uses a control panel to detail all steps in progress, including work status, assignee, time spent, and other deliverables.

Audit Process History

Facilitates the review and search of past and on-going cases, so detailed information may be provided as needed.


Uses charts and KPI indicators to monitor the status and deadlines of on-going activities in real time.