TaxAdviser SAP Connector

TaxAdviser SAP Connector allows companies to save time and money by automatically updating tax content for direct and indirect taxes.

TaxAdviser SAP Connector updates tax rules and tax rates directly into your SAP solution. It identifies and suggests changes to pre-configured tax scenarios impacted by federal and state taxes. The process is entirely managed by the TaxAdviser solution; changes are applied automatically to the proper configuration and exceptions tables in SAP ECC (ERP Central Component), without the need for user intervention.

SAP Tax Rules

Automatically updates SAP configuration tables with tax rates and calculation rules for taxes such as ICMS, II, IPI, PIS and COFINS.

Tax Content Management

Closely monitors changes in Brazil’s tax rates and rules on a daily basis and provides updated tax content in an accessible format.

Daily Updates

Automatically updates direct and indirect tax rules and regulations on a daily basis.

Special Tax Regimes

Updates specific requirements related to special tax regimes that affect your business, customers or vendors.

Segment Specific Data

Provides tax intelligence related to specific segments of industry, such as wholesale, retail, wholesale grocery, construction and auto parts.


Handles specific requirements such as CEST (Tax Substitution Code) and others in a quick and automated manner.