Daily updates for ERPs and subscribers center on legislation and rule changes affecting taxes and operations in the 27 Brazilian states.

The meticulous monitoring of legislation enables TaxAdviser to propose tax rule updates for federal and state jurisdictions, facilitating tax compliance in Brazil. The tax intelligence focuses on the DOU (Official Federal Daily Journal), State Official Daily Journals, protocols, and signed bilateral agreements. Relevant information is extracted, analyzed, normalized and then distributed for research or use by user ERPs systems through connectors.

ERP Integrations

Tax data updates to ERPs include tax rates, tax basis, MVAs, Adjusted MVA, and indexes applicable to direct and indirect taxes determination.

Tax Content Management

Closely monitors changes in Brazil’s tax rates and rules on a daily basis and provides updated tax content in an accessible format.

Daily Updates

Automatically updates direct and indirect tax rules and regulations on a daily basis.

Special Tax Regimes

Updates specific requirements related to special tax regimes that affect your business, customers or vendors.

Segment Specific Data

Provides tax intelligence related to specific segments of industry, such as wholesale, retail, wholesale grocery, construction and auto parts.


Handles specific requirements such as CEST (Tax Substitution Code) and others in a quick and automated manner.