TaxDocs SAP Connector

TaxDocs automatically integrates with SAP and sends XML documents for NFe and CTe for MIGO and MIRO transactions, facilitating compliance.

TaxDocs SAP connector integrates information available through the TaxDocs solution with SAP, enabling the creation of MIRO (invoice posting) and MIGO (stock posting). It automates inventories based on data extracted directly from the electronic documents, adding agility, eliminating data entry errors, and reducing operating costs.

SAP Native Look and Feel

View document entries and filter by status and partner with the SAP management panel.

MIGO and MIRO Automated

Automates inventory receiving and electronic vendor invoices directly associated with MIRO and MIGO processes.

Purchase Order Matching

Validates purchase processes with XML to PO, PO to Receiving, and Receiving to Invoice XML verification.

XML Download

The SAP panel facilitates the download of electronic XML files, sorting them by vendor and by period.