BPO Services

Customized Business Process Outsourcing Services combines products with consulting services and analysis to save time and improve tax compliance.

Tracking complex legislation, complying with extensive legal obligations, and dealing with unexpected tax audits are onerous tasks that siphon resources from normal business operations. Getting them right is essential. BPO devotes a specialized team of professionals, infrastructure, and cutting edge technology solutions to these specific tasks, improving efficiency and reducing both costs and risks.

Legal Obligations

Improves the quality of information provided to tax authorities and guarantees your business meets legal deadlines.

Digital Filing - SPEDs

Creates and files digital reports for SPED, including EFD Fiscal, ECD, EFD-Contributions, and ECF.

Audits and Citations

Identifies the best way to extract data from legacy systems during audits/citations. Analyzes information and makes necessary corrections.

XMLs Recovery

Recovers XMLs for past periods, provides valid legal electronic documents, and reconciles recovered documents with SPED files.