Tax Classification

Specialized tax classification service assigns the proper code to each product and service.

Frequent changes to the classification of goods and services in Brazil impacts tax determination. It is extremely risky for businesses to maintain tax classification without a dedicated and specialized tax team. The Tax Classification service quickly classifies products and services, maps them to the correct Brazilian harmonized system codes for goods (NCM) and services (LC116), and maintains records of all changes — all while reducing costs and minimizing risk.

Classification by Item

Reviews the summarized and long descriptions of each item on your item list, matching them to the proper NCM and LC116 codes.

Merchandise Classification

Product engineer specialists provide technically accurate product descriptions, matching NCM and LC116 codes.

NCM Matching

Tax experts use NCM and LC116 to determine the proper rates for II, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS, ICMS-ST, and tax incentives.

Taxation Review

Compares our database of tax intelligence with actual products and services in order to identify divergences and suggest corrections.