Tax Monitoring

Maximize tax compliance with daily monitoring of Brazil’s federal and state direct tax, indirect tax, and withholding tax rules and legislation.

Tax monitoring delivers daily updates on federal, state, and municipal tax rules and regulations, so businesses won’t be caught off guard. It provides centralized tax information garnered from continuous monitoring of official communications such as the DOU (Daily Federal Register), State Official Journals, and multi-part and bilateral agreements and legislation. All information is then divided into business segments or products and services and relayed in a standardized, easily consumable format.

Daily update

Provides daily updates on tax changes related to ICMS, ICMS ST, IPI, PIS, COFINS, II, and federal and municipal withholding.

Specialized Professionals

Dedicates a team of specialized professionals to monitoring and reviewing changes in tax legislation.

Tax Segments

Provides specialized services by industry, such as retail and wholesale, and the auto, construction, and textile industries.

Market intelligence

Enables businesses to make informed decisions based on upcoming tax changes.