Returns Excise Pro Supported Returns

The following returns and taxpayer types are currently supported by Returns Excise Pro.  If you don’t see something here that you’re looking for, just ask us!  We’re adding new returns all the time.

StateState CodeReturn CodeReturn DescriptionTaxpayer TypeTaxpayer Description
AlabamaAL101-113Montgomery County Monthly Gasoline Tax ReturnCOMOMontgomery County
AlabamaAL110-134Montgomery County Monthly Tax Return Motor Fuels (Other than Gasoline)COMNTMontgomery County Motor Fuel
AlabamaALALIF1Inspection Fees on Sales of Petroleum Products Sold in State of AlabamaENVEnvironmental
AlabamaALBLD1Baldwin County Motor Fuel Tax ReturnCOBLDBaldwin County
AlabamaALCI-MONTGOMERYCity of Montgomery Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, and Motor Fuel ReportCIMOCity of Montgomery
AlabamaAL DECATURCity of Decatur Tax ReturnCIDCTCity of Decatur
AlabamaALDEKALB-DDiesel TaxCODKDDeKalb County Diesel
AlabamaALDEKALB-MMotor Fuel TaxCODKMDeKalb County Motor Fuel
AlabamaALHUNTSVILLECity of Huntsville Gasoline Tax ReturnCIHUCity of Huntsville
AlabamaALJEFFERSONMonthly Motor Fuels Tax Report for Jefferson County, AlabamaCOJFJefferson County
AlabamaALLO-1Monthly Lubricating Oils Tax ReturnDLRLODealer Lubricating Oils
AlabamaALMADISONMadison County, Alabama Monthly Tax ReportCOMDMadison County
AlabamaALMFT-3DVVoucher Import PaymentVCHIVoucher Import Payment
AlabamaALMFT-BLDRMotor Fuel Blender Monthly Tax ReturnBLDBlender
AlabamaALMFT-BTRMotor Fuel Back UpBCKUPMotor Fuel Back Up
AlabamaALMFT-SRSupplier / Permissive SupplierSPLPSSupplier/Permissive Supplier
AlabamaALMFT-TOATerminal Operator AnnualANTTerminal Operator Annual
AlabamaALMFT-TOMTerminal OperatorTORTerminal Operator
AlabamaALMFT-TRPRTransporter Monthly Tax ReturnTRNTransporter
AlabamaALMOBILECombined Monthly Tax Report for Gasoline, Kerosene, & Motor FuelsCIMOBCity of Mobile
AlabamaALMUSCLESHOALSCity of Muscle Shoals Gasoline/Motor Fuel Tax ReturnCIMSHCity of Muscle Shoals
AlabamaALOPELIKACity of Opelika Tax ReportCIOPLCity of Opelika
AlabamaALOXFORDCity of Oxford Tax ReturnCIOXFCity of Oxford
AlabamaALPHENIXMonthly Gasoline Distributors ReportCIPHECity of Phenix City
AlabamaALROBERTSDALECity of Robertsdale Gasoline TaxCIRBTCity of Robertsdale Gasoline Tax
AlabamaALSTTFCUnderground and Aboveground Storage Tank Trust Fund ChargeUSTUnderground Storage Tank
AlaskaAKFORM 04-530Form 04-530 - Motor Fuel Tax Return DieselDLRDDealer Diesel
AlaskaAKFORM 04-531Motor Fuel Tax Return GasolineDLRGDealer Gasoline
AlaskaAKFORM 04-532Motor Fuel Tax Return Aviation FuelDLRADealer Aviation
AlaskaAKFORM 04-533Motor Fuel Tax Return GasoholDLRGHDealer Gasohol
ArizonaAZTAX 120Monthly Arizona Supplier Tax ReportSPLSupplier
ArizonaAZTAX 140Monthly Arizona Restricted Distributor Fuel Tax ReportDSTDistributor
ArkansasARAMFT-13FDistillates First ReceiverDSTDFDistributor Diesel First Receiver
ArkansasARAMFT-13IDistillate ImporterDSTDIDistributor Diesel Importer
ArkansasARAMFT-22FGasoline First ReceiverDSTGFDistributor Gasoline First Receiver
ArkansasARAMFT-22IGasoline ImporterDSTGIDistributor Gasoline Importer
ArkansasARAMFT-4Licensed LPG SupplierSPLLPSupplier LPG
ArkansasARAMFT-56APetroleum Environmental Fee ReportENVEnvironmental
ArkansasARAMFT-DDDyed Diesel ReportDSTDDDistributor Dyed Diesel
ArkansasART1Arkansas Motor Fuels Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
CaliforniaCABOE-501-AVVendor Use Fuel Tax ReturnVNDUFVendor Use Fuel
CaliforniaCABOE-501-DDSupplier of Diesel Fuel Tax ReturnSPLDSupplier Diesel
CaliforniaCABOE-501-MJAircraft Jet Fuel Dealer Tax ReturnDLRADealer Aviation Fuel
CaliforniaCABOE-501-OACalifornia Oil Spill Prevenation and Administration Fee ReturnENVEnvironmental
CaliforniaCABOE-501-PSSupplier of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax ReturnSPLMSupplier Motor Fuel
CaliforniaCABOE-501-TKUnderground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee ReturnUSTUnderground Storage Tank
CaliforniaCABOE-501-TK-AUnderground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Return - AnnualUSTAUnderground Storage Tank - Annual
CaliforniaCABOE-501-TK-QUnderground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Return - QuarterlyUSTQUnderground Storage Tank - Quarterly
CaliforniaCABOE-506-PCPetroleum Carrier ReportCARCarrier
CaliforniaCABOE-506-POTerminal Operator Information ReportTORTerminal Operator
ColoradoCODR7003Common and Contact Carrier ReportCARCarrier
ColoradoCODR7050Distributor Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
ColoradoCOZY-CO-01Terminal Operator Report TORTerminal Operator
ConnecticutCTAU-750AU-750 Carrier Tax ReturnCARCarrier
ConnecticutCTFORM O-MFFORM O-MF Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax ReturnDSTMFDistributor Motor Fuel
ConnecticutCTFORM O-MF1FORM O-MF1 Tax-Paid Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax ReturnDSTGDistributor Gasoline
ConnecticutCTFORM OP-161FORM OP-161 Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax ReturnDSTPDistributor Petroleum Products
ConnecticutCTFORM OP-216FORM OP-216 Special Fuel Tax ReturnDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
ConnecticutCTMVF-3Terminal Operators Monthly Gasoline Activity ScheduleTORTerminal Operator
DelawareDE55-02Common & Contract Petroleum Products Carrier ReportCARCarrier
DelawareDELM4 9501Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax ReturnGRSRTGross Receipts - Monthly
DelawareDELQ4 9501Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax Return - QuarterlyGSRTQGross Receipts - Quarterly
DelawareDEMFT-1Licensed Motor Fuel Distributor Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
DelawareDESF-9Licensed Special Fuel Supplier Tax ReturnSPLSFSupplier Special Fuel
District of ColumbiaDCFR-400MMotor Fuel Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
FloridaFLDR-309631Terminal Supplier Fuel Tax ReturnSPLSupplier
FloridaFLDR-309632Wholesaler Importer Fuel Tax ReturnWHIMPWholesaler Importer
FloridaFLDR-309635Blender//Retailer of Alternative Fuel Tax ReturnBLDRTBlender// Retailer Alternative Fuel
FloridaFLDR-309636Terminal Operator Information Return TORTerminal Operator
FloridaFLDR-309637Petroleum Carrier Information Return CARCarrier
FloridaFLDR-309638Exporter Fuel Tax ReturnEXPExporter
FloridaFLDR-904Pollutants Tax ReturnENVPEnvironmental - Pollutants
GeorgiaGAGUSTEnvironmental Assurance Fee ReportUSTUnderground Storage Tank
GeorgiaGAMFD-04 DSTAFMotor Fuel Tax Report - Aviation FuelDSTAFDistributor Aviation Fuel
GeorgiaGAMFD-04 DSTLPMotor Fuel Tax Report - Liquefied PetroleumDSTLPDistributor Liquefied Petroleum
GeorgiaGAMFD-04 DSTMFMotor Fuel Tax ReportDSTMFDistributor Motor Fuel
GeorgiaGAMFD-04 DSTSFMotor Fuel Tax Report - Special FuelDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
GeorgiaGAST-3Sales and Use Tax ReturnSLSSales Tax
HawaiiHIM-20AMonthly Return of Liquid Fuel Tax (State and County) and Environmental Response TaxDSTDistributor
IdahoID1452Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
IllinoisILCARBONDALECity of CarbondaleCICBCity of Carbondale
IllinoisILCMFT-1County Motor Fuel Tax ReturnCOMFCounty Motor Fuel
IllinoisILDRET0700Diesel Fuel Tax ReturnCOCODCook County Diesel Tax Return
IllinoisILGRET0700Cook County Gasoline Fuel Tax ReturnCOCOGCook County Gasoline Tax Return
IllinoisILHERRINCity of HERRINCIHECity of Herrin
IllinoisILMARIONCity of MarionCIMACity of Marion
IllinoisILMOLINECity of Moline Motor Fuel Tax ReturnCIMOCity of Moline
IllinoisILMURPHYSBOROCity of MurphysboroCIMUCity of Murphysboro
IllinoisILPST-1Prepaid Sales Tax ReturnSLSSales Tax
IllinoisILRG-1Gas Tax ReturnDLRNGDealer Natural Gas
IllinoisILRMFT-5Motor Fuel Distributor//Supplier Tax ReturnDSTSPDistributor, Supplier, Environmental
IllinoisILRMFT-71Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tax ReturnDSTLPDistributor Liquefied Petroleum Gas
IllinoisILROCK ISLANDCity of Rock IslandCIRICity of Rock Island
IndianaINFT-501Terminal Operators Monthly Tax ReturnTORTerminal Operator
IndianaINGT-103 DSTG1Gasoline Use TaxDSTG1Distributor Gasoline - First Half of Month
IndianaINGT-103 DSTG2Gasoline Use TaxDSTG2Distributor Gasoline - Second Half of Month
IndianaINGT-103DRRecap of Gasoline Use Tax by DistributorsDSTGDistributor Gasoline
IndianaINMF-360Consolidated Gasoline Monthly Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
IndianaINMF-600Petroleum Severance Tax ReturnSEVRSeverance
IndianaINSF-401Transporters Monthly Tax ReturnTRNTransporter
IndianaINSF-900Consolidated Special Fuel Monthly Tax ReturnSPLSFSupplier Special Fuel
IowaIA81-010A-DLRDealer LNG and CNGDLRNGDealer LNG and CNG
IowaIA81-010A-USRUser LNG and CNGUSRNGUser LNG and CNG
IowaIA81-010-BLDIowa Fuel Tax Return for Suppliers, Restrictive Suppliers, Importers and BlendersBLDBlender
IowaIA81-010-IMP1Iowa Fuel Tax Return for Suppliers, Restrictive Suppliers, Importers and BlendersIMP1Importer - First Half of Month
IowaIA81-010-IMP2Iowa Fuel Tax Return for Suppliers, Restrictive Suppliers, Importers and BlendersIMP2Importer - Second Half of Month
IowaIA81-010-SPLIowa Fuel Tax Return for Suppliers, Restrictive Suppliers, Importers and BlendersSPLSupplier
IowaIA81-010-SPLRIowa Fuel Tax Return for Suppliers, Restrictive Suppliers, Importers and BlendersSPLRRestrictive Supplier
IowaIA82-053ARetailers Motor Fuel Gallons Annual ReportRETARetailer Annual
IowaIA83-010Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
IowaIA83-020Transportation Report Common and Contract Petroleum Products CarrierTRNTransporter
IowaIA87-002Environmental Protection Charge Quarterly ReturnENVEnvironmental
KansasKSMF-202Liquefied Petroleum Motor Fuel Tax ReturnDSTLPDistributor Liquefied Petroleum
KansasKSMF-206Liquid Fuel Carrier Petroleum Products Report CARCarrier
KansasKSMF-52Distributors Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
KansasKSMF-7Petroleum Products Inspection ReportENVEnvironmental
KansasKSMF-90Motor Fuel Retailer's Informational ReturnRETRetailer
KentuckyKY72A011Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fee Monthly ReportENVEnvironmental
KentuckyKY72A089Licensed Gasoline Dealer's Monthly ReportDLRGDealer Gasoline
KentuckyKY72A098Transporters Report of Motor Fuel DeliveredTRNTransporter
KentuckyKY72A138Licensed Special Fuel Dealer's Monthly ReportDLRSFDealer Special Fuel
KentuckyKY72A161Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer Monthly ReportDLRLPDealer LPG
KentuckyKY72A170Kentucky Monthly Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
LouisianaLAR-5346Motor Fuel Transporter Monthly ReturnTRNTransporter
LouisianaLAR-5347Aviation Fuel Dealer Quarterly ReportDLRADealer Aviation Fuel
LouisianaLAR-5385Terminal Operator Annual ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
LouisianaLAR-5393Terminal Operator Monthly ReturnTORTerminal Operator
LouisianaLAR-5397Supplier//Permissive Supplier Monthly ReturnSPLPSSupplier//Permissive Supplier
LouisianaLAR-5398Distributor Exporter Blender Monthly ReturnDSTEBDistributor Exporter Blender
LouisianaLAR-5399Importer Monthly ReturnIMPImporter
LouisianaLAR-9004-LOil Spill Contingency Fee Quarterly ReturnENVEnvironmental
LouisianaLAUST-MFDR-1Motor Fuel Delivery Fee ReportUSTUnderground Storage Tank
MaineMEGASGasoline Distributor Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
MaineMEGSHRGasoline Distributor Annual Shrinkage Allowance ComputationDSTSKDistributor Shrinkage
MaineMEMEDEPHEnvironmental-Highway ReportENVHEnvironmental-Highway
MaineMEMEDEPREnvironmental-Railroad ReportENVREnvironmental-Railroad
MaineMESFSSpecial Fuel Supplier//Retailer Tax ReturnSPLSFSupplier Special Fuel
MaineMESSHRSpecial Fuel Supplier Annual Shrinkage Allowance ComputationSPLSKSupplier Shrinkage
MarylandMDGTD1Dealer Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
MarylandMDGTD300 DSTAFSpecial Return Jet Fuel and Aviation Gas OnlyDSTAFDistributor Aviation Fuel
MarylandMDGTD300 DSTSFSpecial Fuel User//Seller Tax ReturnDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
MarylandMDGTD-315GRecap Co-Mingled Storage (Gasoline)TORGTerminal Operator Gasoline
MarylandMDGTD-315SFRecap Co-Mingled Storage (Special Fuel)TORSFTerminal Operator Special Fuel
MarylandMDMDE-LMAOil Transfer License FeeENVEnvironmental
MarylandMDMFT-045Movement of Petroleum ProductsTRNTransporter
MarylandMDRAD-079Motor Fuel ExportsREXPRefund - Exports
MassachusettsMAAF-1Aviation Gasoline Tax ReturnDSTAGDistributor Aviation Gasoline
MassachusettsMAFORM 500Monthly Delivery Fee Reporting FormUSTUnderground Storage Tank
MassachusettsMAGT-456Gasoline Tax ReturnDSTGDistributor Gasoline
MassachusettsMAJFT-4SAircraft (Jet) Fuel Supplier Tax ReturnSPLJFSupplier Jet Fuel
MassachusettsMAOR-1Uniform Oil Response and Prevention Fee Monthly ReturnENVEnvironmental
MassachusettsMASFT-3Supplier's Tax Return - Special FuelsSPLSFSupplier Special Fuel
MichiganMI577Dealers Liquid Petroleum Gas Tax ReturnDLRLPDealer LPG
MichiganMI3715Carriers Monthly ReportCARCarrier
MichiganMI3716Terminal Operator Monthly ReturnTORTerminal Operator
MichiganMI3724Transporter Quarterly ReportTRNTransporter
MichiganMI3791Blender Monthly Tax ReturnBLDBlender
MichiganMI3877Terminal Operator Annual ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
MichiganMI3978Fuel Supplier ReturnSPLSupplier
MichiganMI3992Fuel Importer ReturnIMPImporter
MichiganMI4004Exporter Quarterly ReportEXPExporter
MinnesotaMNPAF-1Alternative Fuels Tax Return for Special FuelsDSTALDistributor Alternative Fuels
MinnesotaMNPDA-45ETerminal Inventory ReportTORETerminal Operator Ethanol
MinnesotaMNPDA-46Minnesota Gasoline Tax ReturnDSTGDistributor Gasoline
MinnesotaMNPDA-49Special Fuel Tax ReturnDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
MinnesotaMNZY-MN-01Terminal Operator Report TORTerminal Operator
MississippiMS74-001-04-1Gasoline Tax ReturnDLRGDealer Gasoline
MississippiMS74-020-04-1Lubricating Oil Tax ReturnDLRLOLubricating Oil Tax Return
MississippiMS74-021-04-1Compressed Gas Tax ReturnDSTLPCompressed Gas Tax Return
MississippiMS74-023-99-1Seawall Gasoline Tax ReportDSTSGSeawall Gasoline
MississippiMS74-024-04-1Environmental Protection Fee ReturnENVEnvironmental
MississippiMS74-070-04-1Special Fuel Tax ReturnDLRSFDealer Special Fuel
MississippiMS74-072-99-1Mississippi Carrier Report CARCarrier
MississippiMSTORTerminal Operator Tax ReturnTORTerminal Operator
MissouriMO53VMissouri Vendor Sales Tax ReturnVNDRMissouri Vendor Sales Tax Return
MissouriMOFORM 4757Distributors Monthly Tax ReportDSTDistributor
MissouriMOFORM 4782Transporter ReportTRNTransporter
MissouriMOFORM 572Supplier//Permissive Supplier Monthly Tax ReportSPLSupplier
MissouriMOFORM 575Terminal Operator Report TORTerminal Operator
MontanaMTBULKDLERBulk DealerDLRBKBulk Dealer
MontanaMTMF-11LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer Tax ReturnDLRLPDealer Liquefied Petroleum Gas
MontanaMTMF-11NGCompressed Natural Gas Dealer Tax ReturnDLRCNDealer Compressed Natural Gas
MontanaMTMF-32Montana Department of Transportation Administration Distributor's License Tax ReportDSTDistributor
NebraskaNEFORM 73Nebraska Monthly Fuel Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
NebraskaNEFORM 83Nebraska Ethanol and Biodiesel Producers ReportPROProducer
NebraskaNEFORM 87Nebraska Motor Fuels Terminal Operator ReportTORTerminal Operator
NevadaNVMC038Fuel Supplier // Dealer Tax ReturnSPLDLSupplier / Dealer
NevadaNVMC038EFuel Exporter ReportEXPExporter
NevadaNVMC072CNG//LPG Dealer Tax ReturnDLRSFDealer Special Fuel
NevadaNVMC38TTransporters Report Common & Contract Petroleum Products Carrier ReportTRNTransporter
New HampshireNHAFDAlternative Fuels Dealer ReportDSTALDistributor Alternative Fuel
New HampshireNHBDF1Biodiesel Fuel Distributor ReportDSTBDistributor Biodiesel
New HampshireNHIFTA-100-MNIFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax ReturnIFTAInternational Fuel Tax Agreement
New HampshireNHMFD 1 SAFMotor Fuel & Aviation Fuel Distributor ReportDSTDistributor
New HampshireNHRT111Motor Fuel & Petroleum Products Transporter ApplicationAPTRNMotor Fuel & Petroleum Products Transporter Application
New HampshireNHRT113Motor Fuel & Petroleum Products Transporters ReportTRNTransporter
New HampshireNHRT132Motor Fuel & Aviation Fuel Distributor ApplicationAPMFDMotor Fuel & Aviation Fuel Distributor Application
New HampshireNHRT132aBiodiesel Distributor ApplicationAPBDFBiodiesel Distributor Application
New HampshireNHRT132BAlternative Fuels DealerAPAFDAlternative Fuels Dealer Application
New HampshireNHRT133Motor Fuel Distributor BondBNMFDMotor Fuel Distributor Bond
New HampshireNHRT133AAlternative Fuels Dealer Bond FormBNAFDAlternative Fuels Dealer Bond
New HampshireNHRT150Registration for Electronic Funds Transfer PaymentAPEFTRegistration for Electronic Funds Transfer Payment
New HampshireNHRT50Oil Discharge & Oil Pollution Control ApplicationAPODPOil Discharge & Oil Pollution Control Application
New HampshireNHRT51Oil Discharge & Pollution Control ReportENVOil Discharge Fee
New JerseyNJDMF-10Distributor of Motor Fuels Tax ReturnDSTMFDistributor Motor Fuel
New JerseyNJMFA-12Import Verification Tax ReturnIMPImporter
New JerseyNJMFA-4Export CertificateEXPExporter
New JerseyNJOMF-10Terminal Operator Loss ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
New JerseyNJOMF-11Storage Facility Operator ReportTORTerminal Operator
New JerseyNJPPT-40New Jersey Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax ReturnGRSRTGross Receipts
New JerseyNJPPT-41Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Monthly RemittanceRMTGRRemittance Gross Receipts
New JerseyNJRMF-10Combined Motor Fuel Tax ReturnCMBMFCombined Motor Fuel
New JerseyNJSCC-5Spill Compensation and Control TaxENVEnvironmental
New JerseyNJSMF-10Supplier of Motor Fuels ReportSPLSupplier
New JerseyNJTMF-10Transporter of Motor Fuels ReportTRNTransporter
New MexicoNMRPD-41164New Mexico Alternative Fuels Excise Tax ReturnDSTALDistributor Alternative Fuels
New MexicoNMRPD-41306Combined Fuel Tax Report for Distributors, Suppliers and WholesalersDSTSWDistributor Supplier Wholesaler
New MexicoNMRPD-41307Rack Operator ReportTORTerminal Operator
New MexicoNMRPD-41308Fuel Retailer ReportRETRetailer
New YorkNYFT-941Terminal Operator's Monthly Report of Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel InventoryTORTerminal Operator
New YorkNYFT-942Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Transporter's Monthly ReportTRNTransporter
New YorkNYFT-945-1045Report of Sales Tax Prepayment On Motor Fuel//Diesel Motor FuelSLSSales Tax
New YorkNYNYOSFMajor Petroleum License Fee ReportENVEnvironmental
New YorkNYPT-100Petroleum Business Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
North CarolinaNCGAS-1201MEMotor Fuels Claim for Refund Special Mobile EquipmentRSMEQRefund - Special Mobile Equipment
North CarolinaNCGAS-1202Motor Fuel Supplier ReturnSPLSupplier
North CarolinaNCGAS-1204Motor Fuel Terminal Operator ReturnTORTerminal Operator
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX01Refund Exempt Entities - US GovernmentREX01Refund Exempt Entities - US Government
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX02Refund Exempt Entities - State of North CarolinaREX02Refund Exempt Entities - State of North Carolina
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX03Refund Exempt Entities - NC Local Board of EducationREX03Refund Exempt Entities - NC Local Board of Education
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX04Refund Exempt Entities - NC Charter SchoolREX04Refund Exempt Entities - NC Charter School
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX05Refund Exempt Entities - NC Credit CardsREX05Refund Exempt Entities - NC Credit Cards
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX06Refund Exempt Entities - NC Community CollegeREX06Refund Exempt Entities - NC Community College
North CarolinaNCGAS-1206-REX07Refund Exempt Entities - NC County or Municipal CorporationREX07Refund Exempt Entities - NC County or Municipal Corporation
North CarolinaNCGAS-1209Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
North CarolinaNCGAS-1210Kerosene Claim for RefundRKERORefund - Kerosene
North CarolinaNCGAS-1219-IMPBMotor Fuel Importer Return - BondedIMPBImporter - Bonded
North CarolinaNCGAS-1219-IMPOMotor Fuel Importer Return - OccasionalIMPOImporter - Occasional
North CarolinaNCGAS-1219-IMPTMotor Fuel Importer Return - TankwagonIMPTImporter - Tankwagon
North CarolinaNCGAS-1239Motor Fuel Monthly Bulk Plant Exporter ReturnEXPBPExporter - Bulk Plant
North CarolinaNCGAS-1252Alternative Fuels Provider ReturnPVDAFProvider Alternative Fuels
North CarolinaNCGAS-1258Retailer of Alternative Fuel ReturnRETAFRetailer Alternative Fuel
North CarolinaNCGAS-1259Motor Fuel Backup Tax ReturnBCKUPMotor Fuel Backup Return
North CarolinaNCGAS-1260Blender ReturnBLDBlender
North CarolinaNCGAS-1264Fuel Alcohol and Biodiesel Provider ReturnPVDFBProvider Fuel Alcohol and Biodiesel
North CarolinaNCGAS-1288Kerosene Supplier ReturnSPLKKerosene Supplier
North CarolinaNCGAS-1301Motor Fuel Transporter ReturnTRNTransporter
North DakotaNDH01Aviation Fuel Tax ReportDSTAFDealer Aviation Fuel
North DakotaNDJ01Special Fuels Tax ReportDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
North DakotaNDJ11Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tax ReportDSTLPDistributor Liquefied Petroleum
North DakotaNDND-TOR-1Motor Fuels Terminal Operator ReportTORTerminal Operator
North DakotaNDS01Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax ReportDSTMFDistributor Motor Fuel
OhioOHCC 2Monthly Common and Contract Petroleum Products Carrier ReportCARCarrier
OhioOHCC2Ohio Transporter ReturnTRNTransporter
OhioOHEX2Ohio Exporter ReturnEXPEAExporter Licensed
OhioOHEX2Ohio Exporter ReturnEXPEBExporter Unlicensed
OhioOHEX-2Monthly Exporters Report of Receipts and DisbursementsEXPExporter
OhioOHMF 2Licensed Dealers Monthly Ohio Motor Fuel Tax ReportDSTDistributor
OhioOHMF2Ohio Fuel Dealer's Tax ReturnDLRDealer
OhioOHTO2Terminal ReportTOR2Terminal Operator
OhioOHTO-2Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
OklahomaOK105-USOklahoma Petroleum Underground Tank Release Environmental Cleanup Indemnity FundENVEnvironmental
OklahomaOKDST-201Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly ReportTORTerminal Operator
OklahomaOKDST-202Exporters' Monthly ReportEXPExporter
OklahomaOKDST-205Motor Fuel Suppliers // Permissive Suppliers Monthly Tax CalculationSPLSupplier
OklahomaOKDST-210Motor Fuel Occasional Importer Monthly Tax CalculationIMPOImporter - Occasional
OklahomaOKDST-214Motor Fuel Bonded Importer Monthly Tax CalculationIMPBImporter - Bonded
OklahomaOKDST-217Motor Fuel Tankwagon Importer Monthly Tax CalculationIMPTImporter - Tankwagon
OklahomaOKDST-220Fuel Blender Tax CalculationBLDBlender
OklahomaOKDST-230Alternative Fuels Wholesaler/Retailer/Consumer Monthly Tax CalculationWHALWholesaler, Retailer, Consumer, Alternative Fuels
OklahomaOKFORM-199Monthly Special Fuel Use Excise Tax - Dealers ReportDLRSFDealer Special Fuel
OregonOR150-608-002Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Quarterly ReturnENVEnvironmental
OregonOR734-2831Use Fuel Bulk Distributor ReportDLRBKRegistered Bulk Distributor
OregonOR734-2920Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
OregonOR734-2921Carrier ReportCARCarrier
OregonOR734-2927Biodiesel and Ethanol Producer ReportPROBiodiesel / Ethanol Producer
OregonOR734-2942Fuel Tax Speical Refund ClaimRDLRSSpecial Refund Claim
OregonOR735-1200Fuel Tax Refund ClaimRDLRCDealer Refund Claim
OregonOR735-1203Aircraft Fuel Tax Refund ClaimRAIRCAircraft Fuel Refund Claim
OregonOR735-1302Motor Vehicle Fuel and Aircraft Fuel License Tax ReportDSTDistributor
OregonOR735-1302DMotor Vehicle Fuel And Aircraft Fuel Dealer Tax ReportDLRMotor Vehicle and Aircraft Fuel Dealer
OregonOR735-1325AState of Oregon Use Fuel User Tax Report - AnnualUSEUAUse Fuel User - Annual
OregonOR735-1325MState of Oregon Use Fuel User Tax Report - MonthlyUSEUMUse Fuel User - Monthly
OregonOR735-1325QState of Oregon Use Fuel User Tax Report - QuarterlyUSEUQUse Fuel User - Quarterly
OregonOR735-1325UState of Oregon Use Fuel User Tax Report - AnnualUSE8KUse Fuel User - Vehicle Under 8,000 Pounds
OregonOR735-1334AState of Oregon Use Fuel Seller Tax Report - AnnualUSESAUse Fuel Seller - Annual
OregonOR735-1334MState of Oregon Use Fuel Seller Tax ReportUSESMUse Fuel Seller - Monthly
OregonOR735-1334QState of Oregon Use Fuel Seller Tax Report - QuarterlyUSESQUse Fuel - Quarterly
OregonOR735-1382Multnomah County Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCOMUMultnomah County
OregonOR735-1392Washington County Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCOWAWashington County
OregonOR735-1412City of Woodburn Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIWOCity of Woodburn
OregonOR735-1422City of Eugene Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIEUCity of Eugene
OregonOR735-1432City of Springfield Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCISPCity of Springfield
OregonOR735-1442City of Cottage Grove Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCICGCity of Cottage Grove
OregonOR735-1452City of Veneta Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIVECity of Veneta
OregonOR735-1462City of Tigard Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCITGCity of Tigard
OregonOR735-1472City of Milwaukie Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIMICity of Milwaukie
OregonOR735-1482City of Coquille Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCICQCity of Coquille
OregonOR735-1492City of Coburg Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCICBGCity of Coburg
OregonOR735-1502City of Astoria Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIASCity of Astoria
OregonOR735-1512City of Warrenton Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCIWACity of Warrenton
OregonOR735-1522City of Canby Motor Vehicle Fuel License Tax ReportCICNCity of Canby
OregonOR735-9951Road Usage Charge Report RDUSRRoad User Charge
PennsylvaniaPADMFAlternative Fuels Tax ReportDSTAFDistributor Alternative Fuels
PennsylvaniaPADMF-26Monthly Carriers Report of Liquid Fuel and Fuels DeliveredCARCarrier
PennsylvaniaPAREV1096-ALiquid Fuels and Fuels Tax ReportDSTDistributor
PennsylvaniaPAUSTIFUSTIF Monthly Gallon Fee Report SummaryENVEnvironmental
Rhode IslandRIEPRF-1Environmental Protection Regulatory Fee Quarterly ReturnENVPEnvironmental Protection Fee
Rhode IslandRIHTDH-3Hard-to-Dispose Material Wholesale TaxHTDHHard-to-Dispose Material Wholesale Tax
Rhode IslandRIMFT-1Motor Fuel Distributor Tax ReportDSTDistributor
Rhode IslandRIMFT-EPMotor Fuel Export Permittee ReturnEXPExporter
Rhode IslandRIT-12Motor Fuel Special Distributor Tax ReportDSTSFDistributor Special Fuel
Rhode IslandRIUORF-1Uniform Oil Response and Prevention Fee Monthly ReturnENVEnvironmental
South CarolinaSCL-2098Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly ReturnTORMonthly Terminal Operator
South CarolinaSCL-2101Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
South CarolinaSCL-2105Motor Fuel Bonded Importers Monthly ReturnIMPBBonded Importer
South CarolinaSCL-2107Motor Fuel Occasional Importers Monthly ReturnIMPOOccasional Importer
South CarolinaSCL-2109Diversion / Payment VoucherVCHDDiversion Payment Voucher
South CarolinaSCL-2110Motor Fuel Tankwagon Importers Monthly ReturnIMPTTankwagon Importer
South CarolinaSCL-2112Exporters Monthly ReturnEXPExporter
South CarolinaSCL-2114Fuel Vendors Annual ReturnVNDAFuel Vendor Annual
South CarolinaSCL-2115Fuel Blender ReturnVNDFuel Blender
South CarolinaSCL-2119Motor Fuel Tax Suppliers Monthly Fee and Fee CalculationSPLSupplier
South CarolinaSCL-2123Miscellaneous Motor Fuel Monthly ReturnMISCMiscellaneous
South CarolinaSCL-2176Motor Fuel Transporter Monthly ReturnTRNTransporter
South CarolinaSCL-2195Motor Fuel Manufacturers Monthly ReturnMANFManufacturer
South CarolinaSCL-3022Import Payment VoucherVCHIImport Payment Voucher
South DakotaSDDOR-DMV FORM 590Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vendor Tax ReturnVNDCGVendor CNG
South DakotaSDDOR-DMV FORM 591Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vendor Tax ReturnVNDLGVendor LPG
South DakotaSDFORM 573Marketer RefundMKTMarketer
South DakotaSDFORM 592 PRDBBiodiesel Producer ReturnPRDBBiodiesel Producer
South DakotaSDFORM 592 PRDEEthanol Producer ReportPRDEEthanol Producer
South DakotaSDFORM 593Ethanol Broker ReturnEBRKEthanol Broker
South DakotaSDMV-594 BLDBlender's ReturnBLDBlender
South DakotaSDMV-594 IMPEXSouth Dakota Importer and Exporter Tax ReturnIMPEXImporter Exporter
South DakotaSDMV-595Fuel Supplier Tax Return (In-State and Out-of-State)SPLSupplier
South DakotaSDTRNTransporter ReportTRNTransporter
South DakotaSDZY-SD-01South Dakota Terminal Operators ReportTORTerminal Operator
TennesseeTNPET-350Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax ReturnDSTDistributor
TennesseeTNPET-355Dealer's Liquified Gas Tax ReturnDLRLGDealer Liquefied Gas
TennesseeTNPET-356User Liquefied Gas AnnualUSLGAUser Liquefied Gas Annual
TennesseeTNPET-357 ANNUALGovernmental Sales Claim for RefundRFGVAGovernmental Sales Claim - Annual
TennesseeTNPET-357 MONTHLYGovernmental Sales Claim for RefundRFGVGovernmental Sales Claim
TennesseeTNPET-366Compressed Natural Gas User's Tax ReturnUSRCNUser Compressed Natural Gas
TennesseeTNPET-368Blenders ReturnBLDBlender
TennesseeTNPET-372Petroleum Products Terminal ReturnTORTerminal Operator
TennesseeTNPET-373Petroleum Products Transporters ReturnTRNTransporter
TennesseeTNPET-374Annual Terminal ReturnANTAnnual Terminal Operator
TennesseeTNPET-375Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax ReturnRFWHLWholesaler Application for Refund of Tax on Motor Fuels
TennesseeTNPET-377Exporter Tax Return and Claim for RefundEXPExporter
TennesseeTNPET-386Dealer's Compressed Natural Gas Tax ReturnDLRCNDealer Compressed Natural Gas
TexasTX06-126Texas Liquefied Gas Dealer ReportDSTLGDistributor Liquefied Gas
TexasTX06-128Texas Motor Fuel Transporter ReportTRNTransporter
TexasTX06-168A-BLDDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel BlenderBLDDBlender Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-BLDGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline BlenderBLDGBlender Gasoline
TexasTX06-168A-DSTDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel DistributorDSTDDistributor Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-DSTGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline DistributorDSTGDistributor Gasoline
TexasTX06-168A-EXPDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel Fuel ExporterEXPDExporter Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-EXPGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline ExporterEXPGExporter Gasoline
TexasTX06-168A-IMPDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel ImporterIMPDImporter Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-IMPGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline ImporterIMPGImporter Gasoline
TexasTX06-168A-SPLDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel SupplierSPLDSupplier Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-SPLGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline SupplierSPLGSupplier Gasoline
TexasTX06-168A-SPLPDTexas Fuels Tax Report - Diesel Permissive SupplierSPLPDPermissive Supplier Diesel
TexasTX06-168A-SPLPGTexas Fuels Tax Report - Gasoline Permissive SupplierSPLPGPermissive Supplier Gasoline
TexasTX06-169Texas Fuels Tax Report - Dyed Diesel Bonded UserIMPBDImporter // Bonded User Diesel
TexasTX64-100Texas Petroleum Products Delivery Fee ReportENVEnvironmental
TexasTX66-100Texas Coastal Protection Fee ReturnCPFTexas Coastal Protection Fee
TexasTXTX-720Terminal Operators Monthly Gasoline Activity ScheduleTORTerminal Operator
USUSFORM 720Quarterly Federal Excise Tax ReturnEXCISExcise Tax Return
USUSFORM 8849Claim for Refund of Excise TaxesRFEXRefund of Federal Excise Tax
USExstarsUSExstars720-CSCarrier Summary ReportCARCarrier
USExstarsUSExstars720-TOTerminal Operator ReportTORTerminal Operator
UtahUTTC-109-SPLFuel Tax ReturnSPLSupplier
UtahUTTC-111Petroleum Products Carrier ReportCARCarrier
VermontVTCVO-08Motor Fuel Distribution Report - SalesDSTMSDistributor Motor Fuel Sales
VermontVTCVO-09Motor Fuel Distribution Report - ImportationsDSTMIDistributor Motor Fuel Importations
VermontVTCVO-10Diesel Fuel Distributors Monthly ReportDSTDDistributor Diesel Fuel
VermontVTFG-601Vermont Fuel Gross Receipts Tax and Petroleum Distributor Licensing Fee ReturnDSTPDistributor Petroleum Products
VirginiaVAFT-218Tax and Tank Fee AssessmentENVEnvironmental
VirginiaVAFT-441Fuel Alcohol Provider's Schedule of ReceiptsPVDFAProvider Fuel Alcohol
VirginiaVAFT-445Alternative Fuel ReportDSTALDistributor Alternative Fuel
VirginiaVAFT-448Distributor's ReportDSTDistributor
VirginiaVAFT-451Supplier's ReportSPLSupplier
VirginiaVAFT-457Terminal ReportTORTerminal Operator
VirginiaVAFT-461Motor Fuel Transporters ReportTRNTransporter
VirginiaVAFT-465Aviation Consumer's ReportCONAConsumer Aviation
VirginiaVAFT-468Importer's ReportIMPImporter
VirginiaVAFT-471Blender's ReturnBLDBlender
VirginiaVAVA-WHL-01Wholesale Sales TaxWHLWholesale Sales Tax
WashingtonWAFT-441-005Aviation Gasoline Tax ReturnDSTAGDistributor Aviation Gasoline
WashingtonWAFT-441-006Jet Fuel Distributor Tax ReturnDSTJFDistributor Jet Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-753Motor Vehicle Supplier Tax ReturnSPLMSupplier Motor Vehicle Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-755Special Fuel Supplier Tax ReturnSPLSFSupplier Special Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-757Motor Vehicle Fuel Blender Tax ReturnBLDMFBlender Motor Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-759Special Fuel Blender Tax ReturnBLDSFBlender Special Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-761Motor Vehicle Fuel Importer Tax ReturnIMPMFImporter Motor Vehicle Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-763Special Fuel Importer Tax ReturnIMPSFImporter Special Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-765Special Fuel Exporter Tax ReturnEXPSFExporter Special Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-767Motor Vehicle Fuel Exporter Tax ReturnEXPMFExporter Motor Vehicle Fuel
WashingtonWAFT-441-856Schedule of Oxygenated Fuel DistributedDSTOXDistributor Oxygenated Fuel
WashingtonWAOILRTRNWashington Oil Spill Tax ReturnENVEnvironmental
West VirginiaWVMFT-501West Virginia Motor Fuel Distributor ReportDSTDistributor
West VirginiaWVMFT-504West Virginia Supplier // Permissive Supplier ReportSPLPSSupplier // Permissive Supplier
West VirginiaWVMFT-505West Virginia Motor Fuel Blender ReportBLDBlender
West VirginiaWVMFT-507West Virginia Motor Fuel TransporterTRNTransporter
West VirginiaWVMFT-508West Virginia Motor Fuel Importer ReportIMPImporter
West VirginiaWVMFT-511West Virginia Motor Fuel Exporter ReportEXPExporter
West VirginiaWVMFT-514West Virginia Producer ReportPROProducer
WisconsinWIMF-002W-CARPetroleum Products Carrier ReportCARCarrier
WisconsinWIMF-002W-SPLWisconsin Supplier Monthly Fuel Summary ReportSPLSupplier
WisconsinWIMF-002W-TORWisconsin Terminal Operator Monthly Fuel Summary ReportTORTerminal Operator
WisconsinWIMF-007Licensed Alternate Fuels Dealer or User ReportDLRALDealer Alternative Fuels
WisconsinWIMF-010MTerminal Operators' Schedule of Meter ReadingsTORRTerminal Operator Readings
WisconsinWIMF-011ILicensed General Aviation Fuel Dealer or User ReportDSTAFDistributor Aviation
WisconsinWIMF-011IQReport of Licensed General Aviation Fuel Dealer or User - QuarterlyDSTAQDistributor Aviation Quarterly
WisconsinWIMF-017-BLDWisconsin Blender's Fuel ReportBLDWisconsin Blender's Fuel Report
WyomingWYDIEWyoming Distributor, Importer, Exporter Monthly Tax ReturnDSTIEDistributor Importer Exporter
WyomingWYDLRDealer Monthly Consolidated Fuel ReportDLRDealer
WyomingWYSPLSupplier Monthly Tax ReturnSPLSupplier
WyomingWYWY-CAR-01Common and Contract Carrier Petroleum Product Schedule of DeliveriesCARCarrier