Benchmarking your VAT processes

Where are you? Benchmarking your VAT processes to international best-in-class

Chris Downing, Indirect Tax Partner, VAT Process & Technology at KPMG discusses the value of bench-marking VAT processes to international best-in-class in order to attain the highest levels of efficiency in tax automation.

Chris will explore how moving into new markets can be challenging, driving additional complexities in indirect tax, but that technology can be used better to get more for the same cost, particularly in terms of managing compliance in today’s digital data-driven world.

Downing provides insights into the key components of an effective VAT compliance process, not just in terms of process and technology, but also in the area that keep most tax managers awake at night: people.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Where automation struggles in multinationals’ VAT environments
  • EU VAT harmonisation and how it will impact automation
  • Role of data warehouses
  • Future knowledge automation

As part of this series of webinars there will be a 10 minute Q&A session which will feature Professor Patrick Wille, renowned VAT educator, expert and author to answer your VAT questions.


Chris Downing

Indirect Tax Partner, VAT Process & Technology | KPMG

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