Death of the VAT Return

2017 will see another list of electronic transaction reports – some in real time. As Tax authorities appear to be losing faith with VAT returns, will the drive towards full, live filling of transactions replace the format we all know and love?

Join Richard Asquith, Global VP Indirect Tax to discuss this and other hot topics which may be impacting your business in the coming months.

Richard will be discussing:

  • Why tax authorities appear to be losing faith with VAT returns
  • If the drive towards full, live filings of transactions will become a reality?
  • Which countries have implemented SAF-T?
  • If other countries will demand electronic VAT reports?
  • Will Blockchain be the answer?


Richard Asquith

Global VP Indirect Tax | Avalara

Richard leads Avalara’s global VAT and GST compliance services; his focus is helping companies to understand their VAT or GST compliance obligations.

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