Doing business in the US like a retail pro

This webinar will act as a practical guideline for retailers interested in doing business in the US or expanding current operations whilst staying operationally compliant.

Join Avalara’s EMEA Solutions Engineer, Jake Estes and FUTR Head of Content, Nicola Renshaw, examine the latest retail trends that businesses like yours are adopting to stay ahead with their customers and how these can translate specifically to doing business in the US, whilst ensuring they are truly focused on US sales tax to be competitive, compliant and operationally efficient.

  1. Why do trends and consumer preferences impact European retailers doing business in the US operationally?
  2.  What has the likes of ASOS, Centrica’s HIVE & Ideal Shopping Direct, gained through greater understanding of US business issues?
  3.  How can I stay compliant in the US with overseas sales transactions?
  4.  What can I do now to capitalise on North American eCommerce revenue which exceed $600 billion in 2018?


Jake Estes

EMEA Solutions Engineer, Avalara

Jake knows his way around AvaTax better than anyone. As an EMEA Solutions Engineer and AvaTax trainer, he helps customers get the most out of Avalara's powerful compliance software.

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