Using the power of language and payments to expand into new markets

Part 1: Implementing a multi-currency platform to help you manage & improve your international payment flows

Whether you trade on the FTSE100, or are just getting off the ground, volatility in the currency markets, combined with suboptimal management tools, can wreak havoc on your profit margins.

Join Armine Ansari from Worldfirst as he discusses how businesses have re-defined and localised their currency strategy, using automation to make and receive payments on a global scale.

Part 2: Building a sustainable, multi-lingual website strategy

Language impacts not only user experience, but also the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Join Jeremy Clutton from Lingo24 as he presents case studies of international businesses which have used a cohesive language experience on their websites to improve:

  • Conversions
  • Basket size
  • Customer lifetime value

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Jeremy Clutton


Jeremy has enjoyed a long and varied career working in content related industries, from advertising with Diageo to the last 12 years in the language industry. Jeremy has worked with leading companies in creating the best solutions for their global audiences and creating a strategic vision of how technology supports and enhances the way content is translated for different markets..

Armine Ansari


Armine joined Worldfirst in 2017 after working at some key players in the ecommerce space: Rakuten, ChannelAdvisor and Groupon. He also runs his own online business selling across various markets and channels including Amazon. At Worldfirst he is responsible for providing payment solutions to fellow ecommerce businesses who are looking to expand their business internationally.

Jake Estes

EMEA Solutions Engineer, Avalara

Jake knows his way around AvaTax better than anyone. As an EMEA Solutions Engineer and AvaTax trainer, he helps customers get the most out of Avalara's powerful compliance software.