Global expansion and its VAT implications

Are you trading across boarders? For many companies the stringent VAT compliance requirements can act as a real barrier as they begin to grow into new jurisdictions.

In this webinar, Matt Harrison, EMEA Sales Delivery Consultant and Colin Matthews, EMEA Solution Consultant, will discuss the VAT implications of trading in the EU as well as what can be done to reduce the compliance burden on your business.

You will hear about:

  • The EU VAT system and how it works
  • The VAT obligations for typical EU trading scenarios
  • Registering and filing VAT returns
  • Avalara’s Managed Return Service


Colin Matthews

Solution Consultant | Avalara UK  Limited

Colin has worked in indirect tax for 10 years and specialises in the VAT implications for non-resident trading. Colin helps companies understand local legislation and assists them with their VAT registration and ongoing compliance obligations.

Matthew Harrison

Sales Delivery Consultant | Avalara UK Limited

I have worked in indirect tax for 6 years and specialise in VAT solutions for non-resident registrations. I help companies with the complexity of cross-border transactions and compliance.

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