Overview of US Sales Tax Changes - 2018

The summer months are a busy time for sales tax across the U.S. As most states begin their fiscal new year, new laws go into effect. Even the sales tax gurus can’t remember of all of the new rules in every state, so why should you?

Join Jake Estes as he runs through some of the key changes to the sales tax rules in 2018 where he will cover:

This short webinar will cover:

  • The US Supreme Court decision in the case of Wayfair v South Dakota
  • Taxability changes of products and services
  • Rate changes
  • Consumer Use Tax reporting updates
  • Marketplace compliance


Jake Estes
Manager, Tax Technology Solutions (EMEA) | Avalara

Jake Estes is the Regional Sales Manager (EMEA) for Avalara, the global leader in sales tax and VAT automation. For four years Jake has helped businesses utilise Avalara’s solutions to manage their US and global indirect tax compliance. Jake holds degrees from Washington State University (BA) and the University of Buckingham (MBA).

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