The digitalisation of tax

Digital tax is not just being driven by technology, but also legislation with more and more countries moving away from periodic assessments and towards real-time or transactional compliance.

In the UK, HMRC’s Making Tax Digital project aims to make digital record keeping mandatory for most businesses. This project is set to be the biggest change to tax compliance in the UK in a generation.

Join Kid Misso, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Avalara as he talks about the continuing trend by tax authorities to move towards a real time and transactional compliance model.

On this short webinar, you will learn:

  • The types of digitised tax currently in the market
  • Examples of the different approach
  • How Avalara can help with some of the new and challenging digital tax initiatives


Kid Misso

Senior Director of Solution Consulting | Avalara UK Ltd

Kid is the Senior Director of Solution Consulting. He has ten years of specialist experience in indirect tax automation.

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