VAT Automation for de-centralised organisations

Managing your VAT compliance across multiple countries

If you have your finance teams managing your VAT compliance locally in each country then the chances are each one will be doing so differently. This makes it hard to have visibility of whether you are filing on time, accurately and consistently. Wouldn’t it be nice to standardise these processes to give you control of your VAT compliance across your different countries and help achieve time and cost efficiencies?

Join Kid Misso & Colin Matthews for a short webinar where you will learn:

  • How standardisation can drive efficiency and cost reductions
  • How to help support future centralisation initiatives
  • How to manage local requirements through a standard process


Kid Misso

Senior Director of Solution Consulting | Avalara UK Ltd

Kid is the Senior Director of Solution Consulting. He has ten years of specialist experience in indirect tax automation.

Colin Mathews

Solution Consultant | Avalara UK Ltd

Colin has worked in indirect tax for 10 years and specialises in the VAT implications for non-resident trading. Colin helps companies understand local legislation and assists them with their VAT registration and ongoing compliance obligations.

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