Your Brexits are here, here and here

Join Richard Asquith as he provides an update on the progress of Brexit and elaborate on the one issue that could now stop a March 2019 Brexit.

With the UK’s date for leaving the EU VAT regime potentially set for the 31 December 2020 what will this mean for UK and European businesses?

A few of the key points covered in this webinar will include:

  • Is the UK on schedule to leave EU VAT regime in December 2020?
  • Will the UK shadow EU VAT reforms until December 2022?
  • What should UK and EU companies do now?
  • Can HMRC keep up with Brexit?


Richard Asquith

Global VP Indirect Tax | Avalara

Richard leads Avalara’s global VAT and GST compliance services; his focus is helping companies to understand their VAT or GST compliance obligations.

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