Excise Fuel Tax For Distributors

Excise tax rates and rules change constantly. Add multiple taxing jurisdictions into the equation, and calculating taxes and filing monthly returns correctly becomes difficult…and compliance is put at risk. That’s where we come in. Engaging in fuel transactions with both suppliers and retailers, distributors often face some of the biggest excise tax challenges. Let us help.

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“Returns Excise benefits include being in compliance with the different jurisdiction laws and less in-house IT intervention.”

— IT Systems Analyst, Plains All American Pipeline

Avalara fuel tax product offering:


AvaTax Excise

Identification and calculation of indirect taxes for fuel transactions across all major jurisdictions in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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Returns Excise Enterprise

Generates signature-ready fuel tax returns and reports from fuel transaction data, enabling a fully automated monthly filing process.

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Returns Excise Pro

Enables small and mid-sized businesses to automate their fuel tax filing. Best for companies filing less than 500 transactions per month.

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