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Easy Fuel Tax Filing

Any business that sells or buys bulk fuel is faced with a maze of tax compliance and reporting challenges. Federal, state, and municipal excise taxes, alternative fuel reports, environmental taxes, and tank fees may need to be calculated and filed. The monthly time and hassle required just to maintain compliance is considerable. In addition, those who don’t have full-time tax experts, or technical experts for electronic filing, must often hire expensive consultants to handle tax filing chores.

A fast, easy, and accurate solution

Avalara Returns Excise Pro is an online service that simplifies your tax filing. It will help you quickly get your schedules of purchases and sales together, validate them, calculate your tax, create your return, and even handle electronic filing. Online help is available when needed, and automated assistance is there to walk you through the process. And don’t worry about using the latest rates or forms, we’ll handle that too.

Just 4 easy steps!


Returns Excise Pro’s streamlined workflow enables smaller fuel suppliers and distributors to enjoy the automation benefits of Avalara’s flagship excise compliance solution, Returns Excise Enterprise, at a cost-effective price. It eliminates enterprise-level features not required by smaller businesses such as direct back-office connectivity, automated schedule determination, license and exemption processing, and automated tax approvals.

Over the years, fuel industry tax professionals and taxing authorities have both come to trust Avalara, the leader in fuel tax automation.

A simple, affordable alternative to manual filing

Would you rather focus your energy on filing your fuel taxes or building your business? Let Avalara help you get your priorities in order.


Simple Online Service

Use any web browser to access your returns and schedules from any location. Digital storage allows secure access to current and previously filed information.

Comprehensive Coverage

All major federal, state, and municipal motor fuel returns are available, including supplier, distributor, transporter, carrier, terminal operator, importer, exporter, and retailer schedules. View supported returns list.

Electronic Filing

Comply with electronic filing requirements wherever needed. Or create signature-ready paper returns and amendments to print and mail.

Formatted on Approved Forms

All returns, schedules, and reports can be displayed or printed on their official state-approved forms, making them easy to read and ready to support an audit.

Schedule Data Validation

Fuel purchase and sales transaction data is validated automatically, catching errors before you file and reducing the costs of refiling and amended returns.

Consolidated Filing Process

Use one simple process to automate filing for all states and returns, reducing the time and hassle of manual filing or multiple e-filing methods.

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